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Super speedy work from the man and van team at Removals Germany, they went above and beyond to make sure I was packed up and moved out of my flat by my tenancy end date, and I cannot thank them enough. Without their help I'd have been...    
G. Andrews
I have a collection of my grandmother's silverware and crystal serving ware, so I was very nervous about packing these when moving house. These are very valuable family items and I didn't want to risk breaking them. I got in touch with...    
Mark B.
GermanyRemovals - the best services and the best prices in town! I'm not kidding, I've never found a company that offers best of both worlds but this company certainly does, there's no lying. What I am trying to say is, if you need...    
Paula Shore
I hired GermanyRemovals to help move some of my furniture into my partners home and I'm really pleased that I chose them. I had no idea how I was going to some of the things out without dissembling them, but the removal men they sent...    
Cheryl J.
When I needed someone to help me pack my home I chose GermanyRemovals. They're a company that a few people in my family have used, and I'd heard nothing but good things. This was the first time I'd used a packing service so I haven't got...    
Liam A.
I noticed and advert for a man and van and it was just what I was looking for to pick up my daughters belongings from her university that she was soon to leave. She didn't have that much to collect so a man and van service was ideal....    
Linda J.
Having moved house a few times in the past, I am pleased to have found a removals team that know how to give me what I need. They made sure that everything was catered for, from my personal concerns about the safety of our belongings, to...    
R. Jackson
GermanyRemovals provided me with a thorough, dependable and professional domestic removals service that made my moving day easy and efficient. The movers were lovely people and they got straight to work, helping me to load everything...    
Phillip Gee
Have to say that I've not received such a good moving service on any of the times when I've moved in the past. The difference which GermanyRemovals were able to make mostly came down to the planning process. We had no idea what we were...    
Ella Santos
GermanyRemovals not only provided me the cheapest quote, but had the best references of any firm I contacted. They were primarily charged with moving white goods, and had the vehicles and tools to do this with aplomb! If I'd conducted...    
Thomas Wilkinson

Welcome To Germany Removals

moving firmWe are a professional, ambitious removals company based right here in the heart of London. While we have specialised in German relocations, we cover all of the London, the UK and the rest of Europe. We believe that our experience ability to handle these long distance, technical jobs makes us the ideal company for you whether you are looking for one of our signature overseas specials or something a little closer to home. Whatever your needs, Germany Removals has a flexible range of services to suit, so call us on 020 8746 9614 to arrange your free quote.

Stress is not a modern phenomenon, but our understanding of it has comprehensively changed over the last twenty years or so. We are now aware of the damage it can do to energy levels, to hearts and to our physical appearance in a way that nobody understood just a couple of decades ago. This is why there are so many restorative lotions and potions out there to help you, and why so many workplaces hire in special companies to help their employees reduce their anxiety levels and remain more productive for longer periods of time.

However, there has been one area that despite these developments has always been synonymous with stress: moving house. Several years ago we noticed this and we recognised a gap in the market. From that moment on that we would vow to make this niche our own, developing a business model purely designed to offer you, our valued customers a chance for a stressless move.

We started with the basics, because the biggest thing that causes stress at this time is money. Since you are making the biggest purchase of your life it is only natural for money to be tight. As a result, you don’t want to have to have sudden, unplanned expenses because your removals company doesn’t have enough vehicle space or enough team members on the site. Even worse, you don’t want to shell out for services, only to find out that on moving day you see vans which are half empty and team members with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs.

As a result we decided that our quote would not only be free, it would be thorough. We would measure and calculate everything in your home to ensure that we are accurate as possible when it comes to assessing your needs. As a result, when you get your quote you can look at it safe I the knowledge that it covers exactly, but only what you truly need.

The next place we thought that we could help to reduce stress was to offer you all the services associated with a home or office relocation under one roof. As a result you would only have to use one phone number, one set of people and one bill.

small removalsSo take the time to peruse our services page to explore exactly what it is that you might need. Some of our customers don’t have the time to pack up every item in their home, or perhaps just want the security of having professionals of ensuring that they are safely packaged for the rigors of travel. Either way, you can get one of our professional moving teams whether you are packing up or unpacking. The unpacking team are exceptional when it comes to helping you turn your new house into a new home in record time. Particularly useful for people who are making those long journeys overseas or for people with young families who want to help the children acclimatise quickly, they are a hard working bunch and we are rightly proud of the work they do.

Full details of our other additional services can be found elsewhere on the site, but they include a range of cleaning services and storage options ideal for those who are either caught in a chain, leaving rental accommodation or downsizing.

Despite this vast array of services designed to help to take the strain off you, if there was one thing we were confident of it was that customer service would ultimately dictate the success of the stress free experience that we were hoping to offer. The upshot was that we have now reached a point where we have the most dedicated and professional staff anywhere in the country.

The ethos is something which extends from the management team right down to the people you meet on the ground. Whether they are from the quoting, removals, packing or cleaning teams you will notice that they are all obsessed with tidiness. All of them are well spoken, efficient, courteous and above all respectful. Respect is a word which, like ‘stress’ is perhaps thrown around too easily, but we know that it is important that we respect both you, your co-workers or family members and possessions. So whether it is a case of knowing when to give you space as you bid an emotional goodbye to your old house or a little joke that makes you smile at the end of a long, hard day, we guarantee that you will notice the biggest difference of all when it comes to our staff.

We do encourage you to do your research thoroughly, not only because it gives you a chance to request some of the testimonials we are rightly proud of but because we are confident that what we offer far outstrips whatever anyone else has to offer. We know that we made our name conducting the big scale moving operations overseas, but if anything, that just serves to make us an even more natural choice for you if you are doing a smaller project. You still get the same service, the same attention to detail and access to all the great optional extras whether you are moving to Munich, Maidenhead or Manchester.

So once you have looked around, give Germany Removals a call on 020 8746 9614 to get your free quote and start the ball rolling on your home or office relocation.