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About Us

Here at Germany Removals we have been operating as the leading removals company specialising in business and personal relocation services from London to Germany and the rest of Europe for a decade now. From our London base, we were the first company to answer the call of people looking for a specialist company to deal with the heightened levels and stakes that are part and parcel of moving overseas.

Having perfected the art of dealing with these large scale projects, several years ago we decided to respond to the needs of people a little bit closer to home, who wanted our attention to detail to help them with their moving projects either across London or up and down the country. It quickly became apparent that our unique and thorough approach offered the sort of service that would work a treat on smaller projects than those we made our name with, because they helped to do something that no other removal company was focussing on; reduce stress.

We have always been transparent with our prices, and while it might seem like a little thing, in this business there aren’t many who can guarantee that the price you get quoted is the exact price that you will pay, right down to the last penny. Because our quoting process is so thorough, you can relax knowing that we don’t have anything to add in terms of manpower or vehicle space from our initial quote, and with vans to suit every need you know that you won’t be paying for empty van space.

Because of the large scale that we traditionally operated on, without particularly planning for it we realised that we had developed a set of optional extras which effectively ensured that ours was the only company that you would need to use. Rather than going from pillar to post getting quotes for packing, removals, cleaning and storage, you can come to us for one company, one service, one quote. It’s the sort of ‘back to basics’ thinking which has become our hallmark throughout our evolution from niche European removals specialist to leading UK removals services provider.

However, there is no doubt that it is the men and women that we employ that truly make the difference. Cliched though it might sound, we make it clear throughout the hiring process that being good at the mechanics of the job isn’t enough for us. As a result, all of our staff understand the stresses that you are under, and the importance of showing respect and courtesy to you, your family, your business and your possessions, whether you are moving down the street or across the continent.

So whatever it is you are looking for in a removals company we are confident that we have a package to suit you at a price which is unrivalled, given the modern and secure nature of our equipment, our thorough planning and the quality of our staff. We might have evolved our business over the years, but the premise doesn’t change. It is a simplistic approach which has served us well from our humble beginnings as a niche service provider to the point that we are one of the leading companies in the country. We are fully BAR accredited and so to get your free quote get in touch with our dedicated call centre staff for your first experience of our personal service.