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Basics Tips on How to Pack Heavy and Fragile Items

When you pack your things your main concern should not just be to put everything in the box. You should also focus on how you can put things together in such a way that they will not easily get broken during transit. That is why you should only use appropriate moving boxes. You should also use other packing materials such as butchers paper, bubble wrap and moving tape.
With the proper packing materials, you would need to follow the right packing techniques too. For instance, you should always seal the bottom of the boxes well so they will not easily tear open even when loaded with heavy items. It's best that you cross tape the bottom so it can hold more weight. You should do the same for the top cover.
If you have a large box and you are packing books, it would be better to fill the box with books only halfway. Then you can fill the rest of the space with lighter objects so the box will not be too heavy to lift. At the same time, you will also not be wasting the remaining space in the box.
On the other hand, if you are packing breakables, your main lookout is for the pieces not to bump each other inside the box. That is why you need to pack them snugly in the box to avoid movement. Smaller plates can be packed in stacks of four with the aid of butcher's paper. Larger plates need to be packed individuals so each is protected. In between plates there should be a layer of crushed paper. The bottom, the sides and the top should have adequate padding too.