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Boxes and an Earth Friendly Move

One of the most common sources of mess after a move are the discarded and unused boxes that are lying around in your new home.
But don't be in a rush to throw out your boxes just yet, as there are still ways to be able to put them to good use.
For one, you can go on sites like Craigslist and sell them, provided they are in good condition. This is not only good for the environment, but will also help you recoup some of the money you used to buy them.
There are also some steps you can take in your move itself to better be able to manage your packing boxes better and make your move a greener one. One option is to seek out companies that hire out recyclable (usually plastic) boxes to movers. The fee is minimal, and usually smaller than buying brand new boxes. They are also sturdier than regular cardboard boxes and are thus better receptacles to store your things during transport. Plus, after the move, you are unburdened by left over boxes since everything will be returned.
You also have the option to buy used boxes. Just make sure that you never go near, much less over, the designated weight limit of the boxes. Also make sure to inspect the boxes first to see if they are usable.