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Clean the House before Moving

You can start your cleaning process on the areas that mostly need to be cleaned. Below are some tips you can easily do.   Let's start with the walls of the house. These are an example of an area you must clean and furnish. Get rid any stuck nails on the walls. The patches must be covered with paint or magic eraser. Do not also forget to get your photo frames out in the walls.

    The next area to clean is the kitchen especially the sink. You can use warm water for cleaning your dining and cooking area. Every corner of the kitchen including the counters must be cleaned. Do not also forget to clean the floor and the ceiling of the kitchen.   The lights from the living room to the kitchen and bathroom to the bedroom must be also inspected. Check if they are still working or need replacement.   Continue cleaning other areas and rooms of the house. Remember that the very first thing you need to clean is the area where there is a huge amount of dirt and dust. You have to ensure the entire house from the inside to the outside is cleaned before you move out and go to the new home.