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Cushion Your Fragile Possessions with a Bubble Wrap when Moving

Have you heard about horror stories of how some families moved, but their prized possessions got damaged in transit? Even if the movers that you hired are experienced ones, accidents can happen and your grandmother's collection of china may get broken inside the moving truck. This is simply a part of the moving process that you have to accept, although there is something that you can use to prevent such things from happening. The answer lies in two simple words: bubble wrap.
The Usefulness of Bubble Wrap Packaging
Basically, the first thing that you need to do when preparing a move is to put together the packing supplies that you are going to use. This is in addition to getting in touch with a removals company who can help you out during the move. There are full-service movers that you can hire to professionally pack, move and unpack your belongings. On the other hand, you can go for the services of traditional movers who will load, move and unload the boxes which you already packed onto the new address. This will save you a lot of money, although you do need to allot plenty of time for packing your things yourself.
When putting together the packing supplies that you'd need, make sure that there are professional-grade moving boxes available. Then, organize your things so that only the important items will be brought over to your new house. Wrap each item in old newspaper then place it inside the box. Make sure that the box is only heavy enough to be carried by one individual. Otherwise, you are risking injury to the person who will be lifting the box or worse, the bottom part may give out and the item inside ends up broken on the floor.
This is where you'll find bubble wrap to be utterly useful. Bubble wrap is made from plastic and has air pockets inside. Used in shipping and moving, the plastic material prevents items from moving in transit, so damage can be prevented. If you are in the process of moving, bubble wrap can be used to fill out the empty air pockets inside the box. When there's no chance for the item to move, it will not break even if the moving truck encounters bumps on the road.
Tips for Using Bubble Wrap & Other Supplies when Packing
Lastly, here are a few quick tips when using bubble wrap and other supplies when packing:
   You can still wrap the items individually with old newsprint, but make sure to use bubble wrap in between the items to prevent them from bumping into each other when lifted.
   You can also use peanut foams in addition to the bubble wrap. These are peanut-shaped objects which are used in shipping to prevent the items inside from being broken in transit.
   Aside from bubble wrap and peanut foams, you should also prepare the moving boxes, packaging tape, a pair of scissors, old newspapers, moving blankets and other materials for packing. Place them in one neat pile inside the room that you're packing to make the process more efficient.