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Finding A Great Man And Van Is Pretty Simple When You Know How

When it comes to a smaller move, the man and van is possibly the best way to go. You will no doubt have heard about how excellently smooth and flexible a service they can be, and with the number of van men in any one area, there will always be someone who can do your job for you! However, sometimes you don’t want just anyone, sometimes you want a special service that you know you can trust time and again to get you out of a tight spot. Having a man and van service that you know you like working with, and who you can trust will make the whole thing a lot more comfortable, and ensure that you are in a great place to get your move underway with very little stress or hassle whatsoever. Have a quick look through the following guide for tips on how to ensure that you are getting a great man and van that suits your needs!1.    What are your domestic removals needs!?If you know that you have a particularly large load, and you may have trouble fitting it in to some vans, then it is best to measure it all up. You will find that the simplest way of doing this is to stack everything against the corner of a room or your garage and to get it set square, packed in as tightly as possible. Then measure around the perimeter and the height. Multiply the length by the height by the width, and you will have a figure for the volume, which can be used in conjunction with the dimensions of the van to give you a good idea of whether your stuff will fit in there. Be sure to make note of the tallest items however, because a two metre triple wardrobe is not going to fit in to a van that is 1.75 metres long, no matter what the volume of the load and van is! 2.    How do you want to pay your man with a van?There are two ways in which a man and van service will charge, by the hour or by full quote. Van men tend to stick to one or the other, and you will find that the hourly rate tends to be a little less than the quote in the long run. This is because a quote will protect the driver from getting stuck in traffic and not being able to work other jobs whilst also wasting fuel. You will find therefore, that the hourly rate may well end up with you getting stuck in traffic, or being held up for whatever reason, and therefore spending more than you wanted to, or expected. You can work out the time that it should take and therefore the likely cost by simply mapping out the route, and looking at traffic reports for the last week. Whilst you can’t help if an accident happens, you can be prepared with shortcuts and alternative routes to help you get around problems of that kind.3. Ask your friends and family for a great man and van service!Get a personal recommendation! Having a nod from a friend or relative about a great man and van will ensure that you really trust the source. If they think that the person is a good driver to have in your phone book, then it is likely that you will find that they are! Ask around your friends and family for suggestions to ensure that you get the best chance of finding the perfect service for your needs!