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Prevent Self Storage Burglary with These Security Systems

When people look for self storage facilities, price is usually a priority. But making the security your main consideration could be the ultimate reason to select the right self storage unit. Here are some of the security arrangements that you can avail from a self storage facility.
Guards - An excellent storage or public storage unit will have a twenty four hour security patrol.
Coded Gate - If you want exclusive entry or access to your self storage unit, find units secured by coded gates. Codes and passwords used to open these hi-tech gates are disclosed only to the staff and customer.
CCTV's - This is a security system mainly used for surveillance. It captures images of people venturing in and out of the self storage unit.
Locks - Locks are one of the most basic security tools. Often, you are required to provide your own lock. A duplicate of the key may be given to an employee or a few close relatives in case of emergency.
Walls - Get a storage unit which has enough amount of storage security in the form of walls or fences. Brick walls and pegged metal fences are highly effective at discouraging burglars and trespassers.  
Aside from these basic and hi-tech security equipments, it is also important to choose self storage facilities that are well lit and ventilated.