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Tips for Handling Specialty Items when Moving

Work, family emergencies, a change in your personal circumstances - these are just some of the reasons why you would find the need to move at one point or another in your life. Whether it's your first time to move or if you're already an expert at packing up your stuff within a moment's notice, there are specialty items which you may find difficult to box up.

Here are a few tips on how you can handle them:
•    Seek the help of the movers on how the fragile items can be padded and packed.
Anything that does not fit in standard removals boxes should be padded and wrapped carefully. Wide items like paintings or fragile picture frames should also be handled with care. As such, it definitely pays to make sure that you have the right set of materials for properly packing things up.

•    Make the movers handle packaging and moving the bulky or awkwardly shaped items.
This applies to huge furniture pieces or oddly-shaped home furnishings. For instance, a triangular vase which would only consume half the space in a standard box needs to be padded so that it wouldn't break or get chipped during transport. The same thing holds true for your electronic appliances like computers, LCD TVs, etc.

•    Check on the insurance clause of your contract with the mover, and make sure that your home insurance plan also has coverage
Lastly, check on the insurance clause of your contract with the movers as well as your home insurance plan. Find out how much coverage there is in case your personal property gets stolen or damaged during the move.