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How To Move Your Heavy Furniture

Moving your furniture when you move house can be incredibly difficult and stressful. There are lots of ways in which you can make moving your furniture a lot easier for everyone involved. Here are some great tips to help you with all of your furniture removal needs!1)    Buy the proper tools.Did you know there are products available to help you move heavy furniture? Ask in your local DIY store to see what you can purchase. Sliders are a popular choice if you have carpets in your home. The sliders simply slot under each leg of your sofa and make it incredibly easy for your sofa to be rolled out of your home, rather than lifted. This is a great option to think about if you have difficult lifting! If you have wooden floors then you can make your own version of this product by applying the same method but instead using carpet tiles or small sections of carpet. 2)    Hire the help that you need.Sometimes your furniture is just too heavy to move without help. Speak to your friends and relatives to find a reliable removal company and hire professional movers to give you a hand. This is an especially great choice for you if you have to manoeuvre your furniture up and down flights of stairs! Professional movers will be able to quickly and easily help you, and you should be able to hire the help you need relatively cheaply too! 3)    Ask friends and family for their assistance.If you don’t want to hire movers then why not call in any favours you might be owed from your friends and family? Sometimes the best thing for your move is just an extra pair of hands to help you with heavy lifting and carrying! See if you can find the help that you need without the price tag this way! Remember that professional movers are going to have more experience with lifting and loading, and so this might be a preferred option if you have the funds! 4)    Ensure all of your cupboards, bookcases and drawers are empty.This sounds like an obvious tip, but it’s often forgotten about or overlooked. All of your furniture should be empty before you start to lift, as books, DVDs and other items inside your furniture might slip out and break. Empty furniture is also much lighter to carry, so save yourself the effort by ensuring everything is clear before you carry it! If you’re moving a desk or something with removable drawers then make sure that they’re also taken out. Drawers that aren’t fixed into your furniture could fall out while you’re carrying the item, and this could end up with you tripping or falling. A drawer that is dropped from a height may also break, which could be quite costly if it means you need to replace the entire piece of furniture, so take care! 5)    Use proper lifting techniques.Heavy items need to be lifted with care and attention. Always lift with your legs and never your back, as this can cause muscle strain and other types of injury. Be careful when carrying furniture that obscures your vision as you don’t want to be falling over! Take your time when lifting heavy furniture too. Never rush as it becomes easy to knock your furniture or even drop it.