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How to Pack Books Safely for the Move

Packing is quite a tedious part of moving. But you would surely enjoy going over your old books too. You cannot bring all of them if you have tons of books though. So when it's time for you to start moving you have to sort your books and give some away to those who want or need them. This way you won't have to pack so many books. You won't even have to pay so much for their packing and transportation either.
What's also important is you pack your books properly. For instance, if you have first edition copies you should pack them individually and pack them in a box face up and standing up. It would even be better to have cardboards in between hard cover books. Paperbacks are easier to pack. You can easily stack them into the box as long as each book is facing the same direction. If you want better protection you can also pack them with bubble wrap first before boxing them.
Remember to get sturdy and dry moving boxes for the books. Take note that books can easily be ruined by moisture and water. So, it is essential that the boxes stay dry and intact during its transportation. That's why you should always seal the boxes well before putting the books inside. Don't leave too much space in the box. You can put wrapping papers or clothes to fill the spaces. This way, books won't shift much and they will not rub each other and get ruined. Don't load too tightly either. Or, the box could get torn due to overweight. Then it's crucial that you seal the boxes well after all books are loaded as well.