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Moving and Selling House-Preparing for Moving Day

Everybody knows how stressful and aggravating moving house can be. You need to prepare a lot of things to sail through the moving process smoothly, especially if you have to sell your property before the move. Follow these basic tips for a manageable, stress-free move.
Give yourself ample time to prepare for your move. The sooner you plan for the relocation process, the more time you will have to do more things.
Decide which tasks you want to do on your own and which ones will be done by the movers you will hire. Professional movers can help you pack, move or arrange your items once you arrive in your new home.
Measure the furniture, appliances and entryways. Dissemble large, collapsible items beforehand so you can save time in squeezing these items through the door.
Mark these important dates in your calendar:
    Submission of change of address forms
    Appointments with insurance company and notary
    Finalization of your house mortgage details
    Contract signing for the new property
    Expected dates for home closure
    Moving day
Do not pack frequently used items until moving day.
After packing, remember to label each box with the room they belong to. You can also use numbers to track down items easily in your new home.
Make an inventory of all your belongings. Note down all the items in each box.
If you have kids, consider hiring a babysitter or ask a friend to look after you're your children.