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Moving Back Home from Abroad - How to Make it Easier!

This is always hard. Being settled in another country and then you have to move back home is hard not because of the reasons, but because of the extremely long distance that your luggage have to travel. The biggest problem here is the transportation of your own stuff. Although there are some additional steps you must have in mind, choosing the right transport is the most important step for your international move. But let me look at the other details first.

Before stepping into the move itself, first think of the place you will need and if your old place can provide it to you. If not - you better make some repairs or expands in your new old residence, and then take the shot of moving in. I will not speak about the packing and unpacking of all the luggage, because it is a routine process where most of the details and tasks are well-known. The only thing I would advice you here is to pack all the stuff, especially the fragile and expensive ones, into hard and thick boxes. This will prevent them from damages during the transport. So use double or triple walled cartons for this one.

Now, let us get to the transportation. Before picking the type of the transport for your luggage (which, I assume is the main problem here, as I already mentioned), measure the exact amount of your belongings. No matter if you will choose to transport them by sea, by air or by road, the most important task before starting to search for transport is to know how much is your luggage exactly. One way or another you will have to do this, because every transport company will ask you for the size of your goods. So better be prepared.

So after you pack and prepare the stuff for the move, you will have to decide how to transport them. According to me, the best type of transport for your luggage is the road transport. The international transport of goods has grown vastly in the last few years and today many companies can offer you to transport it for a good price. The advantages of the road transport are both the good price and the fact that you can have your load delivered in front of your own door. Well - yes, the delivery will be a bit slower than getting it on the plane but, at least you will save some money and time. Of course, if the move is transcontinental, you will have no choice but to use air or water transport. In this case - I would advice you to use a plane, it is the same price, but your things will come faster and safer.

And the last step is preparing your place for the stuff that will arrive in a few days. Now sit down and make a plan of the place - room by room. Then, try to divide your belongings by rooms and see how the picture will look. This will save you some time when the things come, because you will we ready with the decision which goes where when you start unpacking. And now is the time for a good "welcome-back" party with some old friends. It is a good idea to invite them to help you with the unpacking and of course - to have some great fun together while doing so. I have tried this, the feeling is really awesome. So - what do you wait, go for it and turn your removal into a fancy party! Cheers!