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Moving from a House to a Flat

When you have to relocate, you suddenly find out that it is not as easy as you thought it to be, especially if you need to downsize a little bit. Usually it happens that you have to move from a house to a flat on your own or with your significant other and children. If you need to move to a smaller place and arrange it properly so it looks and feels like home, there are many things to plan and consider before the actual moving day comes.

The first thing you need to realise is that you might have to say goodbye to a lot of your items. When you live in a big house with plenty of room for storage you don't really worry about storing items and you feel comfortable with buying, but not throwing away. However, there comes a point when you need to take that inventory and buy packing material in order to move. Taking everything with you to a smaller place, i.e. a flat, is not always manageable. You need to think how much space you have for all your essentials first and then for the rest of your belongings.

Moving on your own has its benefits of course - you get to take anything you want and store it the way you want to. However, when you need to move not only your stuff but also your children's and spouse's, it gets a bit harder. Get a layout of the flat you are moving to and think in terms of space and storage. If you can store most items in medium-sized boxes stacked on top of each other, it is worth investing in a few heavy duty boxes. If you don't have a basement or a garage, you will need to be extra creative in terms of storing your items. One of the options is to rent a self-storage unit somewhere near the new location. There are plenty of facilities which offer clean and secure self-storage units. However, it is probably better to rent a storage unit temporarily and not for a long period of time.

Try to be honest about your belongings and sort them out in terms of their use: items that are essential and you still use will need the right packing material; old items that you don't use or any damaged items can be recycled, thrown away or donated somewhere; items that you don't use or simply can't store at your new place can be sold or donated. The easiest way to sell items is on an online shop or at a garage or boot sale. If you organise a garage sale you could make some extra money which you could then invest in your new place. Don't hang on to old things that you no longer need, as they are the ones cluttering up your home. Get rid of everything that you cannot afford to pack and move and you will see how much better your new home will be. After all, relocating is not just a physical activity of relocating your items, it is also an emotional journey - you get to start fresh, do things differently and organise your home in a better and more efficient way for everyone. This is what makes moving house an exciting process and not just a tough period you have to go through.