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Moving Rule Number 1: Have Enough Packing Supplies

You may overlook this at first, but having enough supplies of packing materials will make you totally prepared about the whole moving process. It is always a rule of thumb to have supplies that will suffice: from different sizes of boxes, tapes, sticker labels, used newspapers, bubble wraps, clothes, and more. But, do you really have to buy them all?
Even if the rule states that you have to acquire enough packing supplies, it doesn't mean you have to buy the all. This is the time to be frugal and all and getting supplies by not buying them will let you save a fortune, literally. So, take some prudent ideas by going after cheap boxes. Did you just plan to get cheap boxes? Of course, you do.
Cheap boxes are also quality boxes. They can be used boxes from a friend of yours who just recently moved. They could be second-hand boxes which prove to be still useful and solid. Not everything should be wasted.
If you will hire a moving company, you can ask for moving supplies to be included in the package deal. This could be another idea that you may want to consider. And for the record, they can give you the cheapest boxes as they have access to the right providers.