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Advantages Man and Van Removals have over Large Moving Companies

Business usually have two main orientations - cost and/or quality orientation. According to some traditionalists, a company can be good at one orientation but never on both. However, many businesses have proved that balancing two orientations is possible. One good example of this is the small removal firm or man and van company.
With regards to the cost orientation, it is pretty obvious why a small removal firm have an advantage to large moving companies. The former does not require a whole team to finish a removal. In fact, in a man and van business, a single tradesman will be enough for the job.
What's great about small removal companies is that its employees are multi-skilled. They can organize themselves and perform the move without limiting themselves to strict operational policies that large companies often implement.
So what about the quality orientation? Can a single person beat the work of a removal team? Unlike big companies, small removal firms or man and van companies don't have specialization. Big removal companies spend tons of money training their employees, developing their policies and managing their products so they can deliver good service consistently. Hence, in terms of quality, a man and van company may find it difficult to compete with a big company. However, there is a downside to this kind of set up. And that is responding to emergencies and short notices.
Large removal companies have to follow a number of policies to carry out a removal smoothly. They are not very flexible and it is normal for them to stop operation due to insurance, health and safety reasons. This is where a small removal company advances. A man and van firm, since it doesn't have to follow a set of company rules, responds better to short notices or more comprehensive range of services a client may require.