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Moving to Richmond upon Thames - Easy Ways to Decide Whether to Tip Your Movers

It was very important in the past for people to live in areas with many citizens, with crowded restaurants and cafes, where you can meet many new friends and interesting acquaintances. With the modern technologies and the new ways to connect with each other, communications are starting to turn in to one of the tortures of the modern world. Everyone has cell phone ringing all the time, computers, GPRS, chat, social networks – it is all switched on and beeping all the time. These all led to new tendencies, where a person will rather sit alone in a quiet room then go out to rub elbows with other in a full pub.

  When considering the idea to move to London, you may be also one of the people who are looking for smaller crowds and do no think that this is such disadvantage. In this case the district of Richmond on Thames can be your place. The fact that it has only ten thousand residents in makes it not preferred compared to any other parts of the capital. On the contrary it is recognized as one of the best parts for living in London city. The River Thames is one of the most beautiful and big attractions of the capital. It is curving across the whole territory of the town and is separating exactly this district in two parts. That makes it unique because it is at the same time situated on the south and the north side of the river. Bushy Park is the second largest green place in the region as it is starching over more than four hundred hectares land. In the past it was built to be a royal place for sport and recreations. Today after it has undergone many changes and developments it is the current home of the Teddington Rugby Club.

  You will probably be very impatient to go out and visit all the nice green spots in the district, but in the end of the moving there is one last decision to be made, and this is whether to tip the guys from the moving company and how to decide what to give them. Usually no one can tell you give them or do not give them. It is accepted that this sort of services are tipped, like the waiters in the restaurant, the piccolo or the guy that parks your car. But remember that nobody can judge you if you decide to skip this part and give no tips.

  There are some hints that will help with your decision how much money to give, in case you are positive that you have to give any tip. The sum of twenty pounds for the territory of London is acceptable. If you give more than that, this means that you are very delighted with the services. You can also exceed the twenty pounds if you have held the guys too late in the evening, or too far after the scheduled time for the moving.

  It is not good idea to give less than twenty pounds. It may be misunderstood. You better give nothing then less than this money. In case you have used the help of a team of movers, be sure to give the whole sum for the tips to the manager that is in charge, he will then split the money to his workers.

  It is never too much to call and leave positive references for the guys that helped you. It is priceless and is good option when you do not have money to show your appreciation.