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Moving With The Family: Keep Everyone Happy!

There are a great many issues that can come with moving house. From finding the removals company to packing up every single one of your belongings, it’s a wonder that anyone actually manages it! If you add the rest of your family in to the equation, things can get pretty difficult, especially if you are moving for the first time as a family. No matter the age of your children things are likely to get in the way that are related to them, so it is certainly worth having a think about how you are going to avoid these problems from the outset. Given that you don’t usually know what you’re up against until it all happens, it may well be worth having a look over these few ideas for preventing the worst of it all!For a start, the issues that come with moving as a family can be divided into practical and emotional issues. Practical issues revolve around having to pack up extra stuff, ensure that the kids are fed and looked after whilst you are busy with the move, and all of the extra bits and pieces that you have to do now that you are a responsible parent! The emotional side is a different beast altogether, and is concerned with the problems that you can have with a child who does not want to move home, for whatever reason. Children will have huge emotional attachments to their homes, and will often shy away from large changes, which is only made worse if they have friends that they are leaving behind. Whichever side of the move you are having difficulty with, there will be a way to deal with it, even if it is difficult or painful.Practical issues will often be solved by planning well. If you can time the move so that you are doing it at the beginning of a school holiday, then you will have a little peace and quiet in which to plan the whole operation as the kids are at school, and then you will be moving as they are out, so that there is no issue with how they are getting to and from school. If you have a younger child or a baby, then the problems will be doubled in some ways, as you need to look after them a lot more attentively; a baby can even take up the use of your arms for a few hours a day! In these situations a relative or babysitter can be helpful, even if you are in the house with them! Being unable to concentrate on the removal will likely result in problems that will inconvenience both you and the children, so this short period of concentrating more on the move than the child will pay off for the both of you, even though it is difficult at first! Planning to ensure that every single thing is covered during the lead up and on the day of the move will ensure that you are covered on all angles.The emotional side of the difficulties with children and moving house is a much less easy thing to deal with. You will know your child better than anyone, so it will usually be in their best interests that you move, though they will rarely see it quite as objectively. The best way to ensure that your kids feel like they are part of the removal is to include them in the process; taking them to visit houses, getting them to pack etc. This way they will feel less like the move is being done to them, and more like they have sway in the matter.