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My High School Pictures

I always like to keep pictures. They remind me of the happy times I had especially in high school. Well, not that I was a prom queen or the cheerleader, but because I have the pictures of the best people in the world who accepted me the way I am. Isn't it nice that people would come to you because you could help them get a promotion, but because they simply want you for a friend? Or that they would vote for you during school election just because they like you?
So when I moved to my new house I made sure that I have chosen boxes bigger than the picture frames I need to pack. I preferred flat boxes because the frames are tightly clustered in their edges. I taped the end of the boxes so that the pictures that I placed in bubble wraps wouldn't drop during the travel. I put a "fragile" label on the box to warn the movers that the contents are breakables.
When I arrived at my new home, I placed these pictures filled with happy memories on the walls. It really felt good to bring with me the happy memories of my youth.