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Packing essentials for when you're moving home

Packing is definitely the worst part of moving home, solicitors fees and house prices might be astronomical, but at least they’re done and dusted and over in a flash, whereas packing seems to be a laborious affair taking weeks if not months. Here we have our packing essentials, a few top tips to keep you sane through such a time consuming necessity. Pick your boxes carefullyThink all boxes were created equally? They certainly weren’t! All your much loved possessions, family heirlooms and valuables are being stuffed into boxes, stacked into the back of a van and driven across town to wind up propped in the corner of a brand new living room. So you really need to be sure you have the right boxes for all your stuff. General items can easily be stored in generic boxes, even recycled ones with plenty of wrapping and tape, but what’s right for your cutlery might not be the same for your cherished art work. Think carefully about what boxes you’re using and how you’re filling them. Excellent boxes can be bought from large stationery stores as well as in storage centres which are perfect for packing your valuables safely. They might be pricey, but often peace of mind is priceless. Arm yourself with the right tools Whilst packing it’s important to arm yourself with the right tools to make full use of such carefully selected boxes. Packing is tiring and dull enough, without the added stress of continually having to look through all the drawers in the house for the scissors and sticky tape. It’s important to arm yourself with a sufficient amount of appropriate tape. Clear rolls of tape might be appealing with a cheap price tag, but sturdy parcel tape is much more likely to keep your stuff safe. Stock up on bubble wrap and newspapers to wrap and package your boxes for a smooth transit into the new home. Aside from packing equipment you can also prepare yourself for packing with a few more tools; switch off the TV and turn up your favourite music. It might not exactly be a thrilling packing party but it is a positive way to approach such a mundane task. Stay focussed and organisedThroughout the moving process it is essential to stay focussed and organised. Don’t leave packing to the last minute and once you’ve started try not to stop until you’ve finished what you intended to do. For example, you’ve decided to clear and pack the spare room, as tempting as it might be to leave it until tomorrow and catch the evening’s soaps, you may as well continue until the room is packed, leaving a new challenge for the next day. Similarly, if something goes wrong with your schedule, simply make a few amendments and work around any problems you face. Letting the stress of packing get to you will only make it an unbearable feat, taking all the enjoyment out of what should be an exciting time in your life. Moving inNow you’ve got through the hard part you can relax somewhat after finally moving house. Being in a new, empty house can be quite daunting, so take some time to get acquainted with your new space. The best way to start is by enjoying a well-deserved brew and a sit down in your brand new home. After you are feeling settled, start by unpacking the essentials and the personal things which will make you feel more at home. If there’s decorating to be done its best to get stuck in straight away. Bring back the music and start to create your home exactly how you want it. The sooner it gets in to shape, the sooner it will become your dream home.