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Prepare Your Vehicle for Transit: Guarantee Safety All The Way

A vehicle is no ordinary investment. Hence, when there is a need to ship it somewhere else, it is important that you observe extreme care all throughout the process. Here, check out these common guidelines in terms of preparing your vehicle for shipment for a favorable result:   Inspection. Make yourself or your representative present in an inspection of the vehicle before and after the shipment. This is to ensure that both parties are on the same page when it comes to checking the condition of the vehicle prior to the shipment.   Conditions. If you vehicle is inoperable, let the company know as early as possible.   Keys. Provide the complete set of keys to the company on the day of shipping. Do not mix any other key into the set of keys to be provided to the company.   Alarm. Disable your vehicle's alarm system before the shipment. Keep in mind that an alarm can easily be activated during travel so your battery may be dead when it arrives to the destination if you forget to do this.   Personal items. Check out your vehicle before shipment to free it off from your personal belongings. The shipper is not at all liable for personal items inside the vehicle during transit.   Your vehicle must always be in great condition no matter what the situation is. This is true even when shipping it. Therefore, make sure to prepare your car and yourself prior to the shipment date.