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Removal Firms: The Advantages of using them Over Other Types of Relocation Services

If you don’t already know, moving properties can be a nightmare. First of all you have to find your new dream home (a stressful task onto itself), then you have to find someone else to take your old one off your hands. After the realty part of the process is behind you, you then have to turn your attention to the packing, cleaning, and transporting side. Such a process can take months, if not years, to fully complete. When it comes to the transport side, you really only have three options (excluding doing it yourself if you are the owner of a spacious vehicle). Your first option is to hire a Man and Van service. This service is exactly what it sounds like – a man with a van (usually a 3.5 tonne one) will come to your home and help you with your relocation needs. Your second option is to hire out a vehicle to drive yourself – you get to pick size vehicle you want and how long you want it for. But by far the most popular relocation service is the service that is offered by removal firms. There are a number of reasons why this is the most popular service when it comes to helping people move home. The underlying reasons is because the service is comprehensive and hands on. For the price you pay, professional removal men will come into your home, load the van up with everything you tell them to (including your heavy pieces of furniture), and then drive that van to your new residence and unload its contents into it. Although it also the most expensive option of the three, it’s a small price to pay to take all the stress out of moving. Below are just a few other reasons why removal services are better than Man and Van services and vehicle self-drive ones. Removal firms v. Man with Van servicesMan and Van services, as explained before, do exactly as they say on the tin. Although they are far cheaper than hiring out a removal firm if your move is local, Man and Van services lack the labour power that removal firms have. Man and Van services often only come with one man (otherwise they would be called Men with Van). So if you have a lot to shift out of your house into the van, it could take you hours to do (especially if you’ve got two sofas and some wardrobes to move!). If you require the manpower, it’s probably best to hire a removal firm out as well. They will send enough employees over to ensure that all you have to do when it comes to move-out day is open the door and occasionally put the kettle on. Removal firms will also offer you an insurance policy that will ensure that if any of your possessions get damaged during the move, you’ll be fully compensated. Most Man and Van services won’t have such an option, so if you do choose to use them and your possessions get damaged, you will have no security outlet. Removal firms v. Vehicle Self-DriveVehicle self-drive hire is simply hiring out a vehicle to drive yourself. It has many similar disadvantages to Man and Van services in comparison with removal firms. For example, hiring a vehicle out and driving it yourself may mean that you have no labour help at all. Unless you can enlist the help of friends or family, you could be stuck trying to load every belonging you own into the van you’ve hired. You will also have to drive it yourself, which, needless to say, require a certain level of confidence in your driving ability.