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Scaling Down Your Move

Many people who move make the mistake of making their moves to big, resulting in more expenses, more hassle, and much more stress.   To avoid this, you should first allot a significant amount of time to go through all - we mean all - of your things to determine which ones will be worth bringing along. People tend to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, not all of which are useful or even used at all. Since you're leaving your old place behind, you should take the opportunity to start afresh and leave useless items behind. Early planning and preparation for this will help you sort out the things you want to bring along and the stuff you are better off disposing.   Once you've finished segregating, it you can opt to sell your unused things in a garage sale. While it may not be a very profitable exercise, at least you can still get a bit of extra funds to use for your move - it's definitely a lot more profitable, at least, than just chucking everything in the trash.   You can also donate some of those things to charity - they'll of good use there. You'll be effectively be hitting two birds with one stone - doing a good deed and scaling down your move.