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Shopping Around For Self Storage Units

In spite of the tough economic times, the industry of self storage faclities is growing rapidly and there are more and more people nowadays whose only option is self-storage. It is a convenient storage solution for people who are moving abroad, travelling, in the process of selling a house, separated, lack enough space or have hobbies which require additional space. It is more affordable to rent a self-storage unit for a few months or a year than to buy a bigger house. The problem with self-storage is that due to its growing popularity in the recent years, companies have spread everywhere and it becomes harder to spot a good deal and a quality service. Everything a client wants is a reasonable monthly fee and all the safety for their belongings. Most people are also worried that self-storage facilities are too remote from their home. If you have decided to trust your possessions with a storage unit, then you will have to spend some time researching those until you find the right one.

Check out businesses online

The first sign of a renowned company which offers quality service is their website. You should be able to see credentials and testimonials by customers, as well as prices and standard terms that they work under. If you want to make sure the company is not scam, check for compliance with the current regulations and accreditation.

Inspect the self-storage unit

Most self-storage companies offer online renting and payment, but if they are located nearby it's advisable to go and check the property first. First, you need to make sure the place is easily accessible by your car and you can easily find it. A self-storage facility that is too far from town might eventually prove to be the wrong one. Having a look at the facility will help you notice any signs of moisture leaking, lack of enough security cameras or low maintenance.

Look into the units

When planning to trust a self storage facility with your belongings, make sure the unit fits your needs. If it doesn't, then continue your search. There is no point paying for something you don't like and paying for it every single month. Units vary in size and companies vary in services and quality. Request to be shown into a unit, so that you can see for yourself exactly how much space you will have. This is also a great opportunity to look for security measures (locks, CCTV, security guards, alarms) and any other distinctive features.

Pricing and dealing with the contract

Most self storage facilities ask for a minimum contract with their clients, so using a self-storage for a week or two won't usually be possible. Shopping around is vital since that's the way to compare prices and terms of contracts. These two can differ significantly so it's good to know what you are looking for exactly. Usually start-up businesses would charge you less, but their security service might be less reliable. If you need self-storage for just a few months, you can trust a beginner company, but at your own risk. For longer storage it's better to turn to reputable companies, whose prices reflect their quality service.

Make sure you shop around before you sign a contract for a self-storage unit. This business is growing at a massive rate, so there are all sorts of companies emerging. If you are not sure of your choice just yet, spend a little longer on your research and viewings.