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Should You Hire a Long Distance Mover, or Buy New Furniture After Moving?

When it comes to moving there are a lot of things to consider and a lot of estimations to make. it is getting even harder when we are talking about a long distance move. You start wondering  what should you take with you and what should you leave. Of course, you will definitely bring all your personal belongings such as cloths, valuables, books, etc. and also all small items that are easy to pack and transport. But when it comes to big and heavy furniture the situation is different.

It is always hard to move your furniture. Usually you can't do it by yourself even when you move just across the city. You need to hire a professional moving company that will provide movers to handle the backbreaking moving process and a van to transport the stuff  to the new location. But when it is going to be an exhausting haul you'd better try to weigh the advantages and disadvantages between getting movers for the continuous trip, and just buying the furniture for your new home.

Hiring professional movers for a long distance move is usually not cheap. There is also a lot of packing which is hard, stressful and time consuming. So what you should do is to consider the value of your furniture. If it is not really valuable and functional to you it is better to leave it. What is even smarter thing to do, is to immediately sell it and buy new when you get to the new location. This way you will get some money back which you can use for new one. It is not worth the whole hassle and the cash if the pieces are not something you really value and would like to to keep. In such case, without exaggerating, it could either come to the same expense as a moving company would probably charge, or less, to just get some brand new furniture. And then you won't need to worry about any charges and hassles from any moving company.

So if you do not really like your furniture or you  think it is not worthy you'd better sell it or just leave it and buy new one for your new premises. This way  you will end up with some quite clean slate and  you can carefully choose your  new purchase, which is really preferable as clean and tidy house is much nicer than one chaotic and overstuffed. Moreover  when you have changed  your entire environment it is usually better to change your interior as well. This way you can really experience the new beginning  you have been looking  for.

But if you have spent a fortune on your current furniture and you really love it and feel great when you are home you'd better do your best to safely transport it to your new location. Doing this you will lower the stress of  the moving  to a whole new environment. Never mind where you are you will have your piece of land where you will feel safe, where you will feel at home because basically nothing changed there.

So if you face such a situation it is always better and cheaper if you leave the sentiments on a side. Furniture issue needs only logic and good estimations. Take into consideration the moving costs, the earnings if selling  your current stuff and  the cost of buying new furniture and make a decision. Of course, you should more or less consider your emotional state of mind - do you want to see your current items at you new house or you want an entirely new atmosphere.