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Steps in Filing a Moving Insurance Claim

A damaged valuable is the worst nightmare of moving householders. We all want our possessions to arrive in one piece, which is why many secure a moving insurance before buying out a move. A moving insurance give householders monetary security for items that got damaged or lost during the transition. As an insurance holder, it is important to become familiar of the steps in filing a moving insurance claim. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Prepare all the necessary documents. This includes moving insurance policy and your inventory. Inventory is not only a record of items being moved but serves a receipt of service as well. Make sure it is signed by the head mover.

Step 2: Immediately notify the insurance company of the mishap. Most companies forfeit right to collect monetary recompense after nine months. Check the deadlines in contract. Keep the receipt given by the mover to confirm date of incident.

Step 3: Ask how much you can get from the insurance claim. If you have bought liability coverage amounting to $15,000, you should collect the same amount for the claim. This is regardless of the value of the item that was lost or damaged.

Usually, movers are required to pay within 3 months after receiving the notification from the insurance company. If your movers fail to comply, contact your insurance commissioner and prepare to take legal action against the mover in question.