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Stress During Removals and How to Avoid It

How many times have you heard the words "moving is one of the most stressful things ever"? Well, that's because it is. Few events in one's lifetime are likely to cause as much stress and house removals do. And yet, there's nothing inherently bad or scary about house removals. Moving isn't a negative experience in and of itself. In fact, most people are all too keen to move and associate moving with new opportunities, new experiences, new friends and  a better environment.

Unlike the final result, the process of removals brings us incredible amounts of stress, nerves and unpleasant emotions. If you look at the process of moving more deeply, it's not hard to see why. And, by understanding where all the stress and anxiety is rooted, you may be able to get rid of some of it.

First and foremost, moving involves a lot of work. Yes, it is a lot of satisfying work, because at the end of the day you will get to enjoy your new home. Your living environment is a key feature in your lifestyle, so this change is massive and usually for the better - it can improve your living considerably. This, however does not change the fact that packing, organizing, reducing the amount of things you own is hard and tedious. And, the more stuff you have, the more tedious it becomes. Not only that, but you will be faced with a huge amount of clutter that you do not remember acquiring and will have to sort through it. People come to some harsh realizations while cleaning out their attics.

This problem is inherent to moving and it cannot be dealt with completely, but something that may help you is simply decluttering. Get rid of as many things as possible. Recycle, donate, whatever you can do to remove anything unnecessary in a conscientious way. Any dent in the amount of things you have to pack, move and reorganize will be a relief.

The second major stress factor in a removal is dealing with the removers themselves. They may be very nice people. They may be professional, courteous, maybe even liven things up with a few jokes. No matter what they do however, the removers will be strangers; strangers who come into your home and handle your belongings. Dealing with strangers always causes some tension and is bound to increase your stress level. Especially in an age where most interactions are becoming digital, we're becoming less and less accustomed to dealing with people, much less strangers. Perhaps this is why so many people are opting for the DIY approach when it comes to removals. A way  to get around the awkwardness is to enlist the help of friends with as much of the work as possible. Maybe thank everyone with a trip to the pub. This way, you can go around having to deal with movers and the move can be turned into a fun bonding experience for you and your friends.

Then there are the financial costs. While you can never move for free, there are things you can do to cut your costs as much as possible. Always contrast and compare the prices of different companies and ask for discounts. Try to resell some of your used items online or in a car boot sale, for example. Reuse packing materials. Look for creative, but sensible solutions to save money wherever you can.

While this advice will not help you avoid stress altogether (as it is an integral part of the experience), the key thing is to just keep calm. Remember that there is no problem that can't be fixed. And while unexpected things are bound to happen, you can always find solutions by keeping a cool head.