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Ten Things You May Not Need To Pack When Moving

Everyone has things they just carry around from place to place and never touch again after they move homes or apartments. For each person those things vary in importance and very in what they actually are but there are some common things that we just don't need to carry along to our new place. This list will let you know about 10 of those things that it may be time to get rid of or those things that are just better new.

Old newspapers that have been sitting in the attic or garage for months, years or decades.
Half used bars of soap and almost empty shampoo bottles that you will likely only use one more time in your new place before throwing them away. Some things are just better fresh when you move into your new place, it adds to the new feeling.
Building materials that you haven't used since you have moved into the place you are moving out of. (ie; plywood that is starting to come apart from the weather)

Boxes of old Christmas decorations that you just add to each year without using the ones that you have already. Those can likely go, that is unless of course you collect Christmas lights?

High school trophies that just collect dust in the garage because they haven't been on display since you moved out of your parents' house, right after winning the high school wrestling championship 12 years ago.

Plastic trays from microwave dinners, we all have them and we get them all the time, especially bachelors. Time to get some fresh ones, no need to waste packing space with items such as these.

Almost empty cleaning supplies such as window cleaner, if it is the second time you have added water to it to make it last longer it is likely it's time to get a new bottle anyway.

Chemicals in general if they are not brand new they might as well be disposed of, especially if you are moving a long distance because they pose a hazard during moving and unpacking.

The old mop, this is something you might want to get rid of when you move into your new place, there is a thing about bring old mops to a new place and that is that when you mop a new place with an old mops it leaves streaks. Those streaks were always in the same place in your other homes so you never noticed them it an optical illusion in reality.

Anything that has a centimeter high layer of dust on it probably shouldn't follow you to your next place because it is likely that it will develop the same centimeter high layer of dust in its new spot in your new place. If you find many things like this just toss them, give them away or set up for a yard sale.

This list has at least one thing that we all need to get rid of during a move, find out for yourself as you cleanout those area you have things stored that you don't often use.