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Tips in Organizing a Moving and Throw Away Party

Most of us are guilty of being a ‘pack rat' to some extent. We always tend to hang to clothes, toys, containers and documents we don't really use. Moving is a perfect time to finally let go of these clutter. To do this, you can simply organize a throw-away party.
Moving and throwing away party is a great idea as it allows you to move with fewer items. The less stuff there is to pack, the better. Therefore, call all your friends and family for a get-together and gather all the stuff that you want to get rid of in one room. Of course, you have to make sure all the items you include here are not junk. Encourage your guests to pick up any item they like so they won't be too shy.
What about the items that should be thrown away? There are many items people tend to keep, thinking that they can still use them in future. This includes out of seasonal clothing, broken toys and appliances. These can all be discarded or given to charities. Other stuff you might want to get rid of are:
Receipts and Old Bills - Unless you intend to use them for tax deduction for this year, it is best to throw away receipts and old bills lying in your drawers. Warranties for furniture and appliances are usually good for one year but if yours are longer, then keep them. Shedding off these unnecessary papers can make a huge difference with the amount of things you have to move on moving day.
Old Toys - If the old toys are still in good condition, consider giving them to a charity. There are many kids out there that may not have any toys. If you know a family that may want them, drop off the box of toys in front of their gate.