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Tips on Saving Money when Buying your SW8 Home

When it comes to buying a home the last thing you might be thinking about is how to save money, especially as buying a house is so expensive. It is not just the costs of the actual house itself, it is all the associated fees that come along with it, but if you write everything down and look at what you are expecting to pay out, you may spot a few places where you can save yourself some money. The main thing you can do to save money is to make a list of all of your expenditures. You might be wondering how this can help.  Well, when you write things down you can actually see what you are spending and how much you are paying for each service and item. When you see things written down you take more notice and start to question what you are looking at. It is different than dealing with an overall lump sum that doesn’t mean anything to you as everything is all swallowed up into one. Once you have listed everything and its estimated or quoted cost then you can start to enquire if you can get things cheaper. Using a different company or haggling with the one you want to use can bring down the costs. Do remember that you are often paying for a ‘good name’ so cheapest isn’t always the better return for your money so asking for costs to be reviewed is acceptable and you may get lucky. When looking at the list you may have noted down ‘furnishings that you will need to buy’. There may be items you are taking with you to your new home but more than likely there will be at least one or two things you are going to have to buy. Don’t automatically go the nearest department store and buy what you need as you may not be getting the best price. Shopping online, visiting an auction house or looking in the local paper are alternatives, especially if you are looking for something that little bit different. Another saving would be to get the new purchases delivered to the new house, that way you don’t have to pay for delivery to your current home only to then have it transported to the new house. It is also important to work out your budget, if you don’t know what your total budget is then how can you save any money? Make sure you list all the potential costs so you are not caught out. For example:•    House survey: These can vary in price and you may have to get a few done before you find your ideal home.•    Removal costs: Chances are you don’t own a very large van or lorry so you will need to pay for a company to move your items.•    Legal costs:  how much your solicitor is going to charge you.•    Set up fees for your mortgage will most likely be added by your mortgage provider. •    Furnishings: Do you need new items for your new house? Do you now have a dining room? Have you previously been renting and don’t have anything? Think of everything from carpets to dining tables.•    Repairs : Is there any work required on the property you are moving in to? It might just be a lick of paint or it new light bulbs but budget accordingly.Moving house can be stressful but it is also a new chapter, whether you are moving to your first house in SW8 or your fifth house in the countryside. Saving some money during the process can only be a good thing.