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Top 6 House Buying Mistakes

Buying a house is a huge investment, which should be done carefully. Unfortunately, not many people follow this principle, and end up making mistakes buying houses. Here are the top 6 house buying mistakes you should avoid:   1. The most common mistake one does is making a haste decision in buying a house. Insufficient research and preparation may leave you repenting signing a contract to buy a house, which cannot be cancelled. It is practically impossible to cancel a contract because you find a much better house a few days later.   2. Spending for a house you cannot maintain is foolishness. A house without any furniture is cold; and living in a house that you cannot maintain is really stressful. So don't push off your limits. Leave some breathing space when you buy a house.   3. You may also pick the wrong agent once you decide to hire the first one you meet. Make sure the agent you approach for help in buying your house is legitimate, and solely represents you and not the seller.   4. If you think you will save money not hiring an agent, you're making a mistake. You may end up with a seller who thinks of keeping their commission, instead of giving it to you.   5. There are quite a few mortgage options for buying your house. So make sure you make comparisons for the best rates, and not make the mistake of using the first mortgage option you come across with.   6. Don't make the mistake of not inspecting your house as you may end up buying a cheap one that requires lots of repairs to be done. The money you spend for a professional inspection is well worth it.