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What NOT to Do during a Removal

If you have been looking at hints and tips to help you with your removal, you may have come across article after article telling you exactly what to do during your removal. However, how many articles mention what you should not do during a removal?If you have not come across any hints and tips that tell you of the don’ts during a removal, you have just struck gold! This article aims to highlight all the things that you should not do during a removal. Following these hints will allow your removal to be a success, which I’m sure is exactly what you want. The first thing not to do is by far the most important thing not to do and this is PANIC! Panic does nothing good for yourself and for your removal. The only thing it does it cause disruption to the removal process and cause unnecessary stress. Remember to remain calm at all times. Doing things in a panic and hurry will usually cause more panic since things will go wrong. For example, packing in a panic will cause you to forget all your packing rules and may end up in the breaking of some of your belongings. Alternatively, you may forget to pack some items, leaving you with further panic and stress when you do eventually realise that you have forgotten to pack something. If you find yourself going into panic mode, take 5 minutes to just calm yourself. Stick the kettle on or go outside for a quick walk and some fresh air. Then when you are feeling more calm and relaxed get back to whatever you were doing. Another crucial thing to remember is that a removal can only be a success if you are practical and reasonable, so do NOT leave everything to chance and do not go ‘with the flow’. You need to make sure that you know exactly what to do and when to do it. So sit down before you do anything practical and get yourself a pen and paper. Jot down all the things that need to be done and allow a reasonable period of time to complete each task. If you have friends, family members or relatives that wish to help, allocate them with tasks too. Do not think that you alone can get a whole house packed and ready to be relocated in a weekend. Always be reasonable and think practically. Being over ambitious can often lead to panic when you realise that you are not doing as well as you had hoped for. Removals are time consuming, so always ensure that you are allowing yourself enough time to complete a task. Do not rush since this is only going to cause more problems. All humans, regardless of age and gender tend to make more mistakes when we are doing something in a rush – this will also apply to you and your removal. By completing each task calmly and with plenty of time, you are going to put yourself under less pressure and all of the tasks you intend on doing will be done at the best possible standard. Whilst there are many more little don’ts during removals, the three mentioned above are by far the most important. By taking these factors into consideration and making sure that you do not do any of the above, you are automatically going to make your removal that little bit closer to a successful one. Remember to take regular breaks to keep yourself motivated and calm yourself down if you find yourself starting to stress or panic.