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When Should Your Move Day Be?

Whilst you will be stressing about the removal from the minute it enters your mind that you should move house, you will likely not give the actual day of the removal that much attention. It is surprising how much of an effect the day on which you move can have on the process, and you need to be totally sure that you are doing your move on a day that won’t make your life any harder than the removal will already be making it! Have a look over the following problems that certain days can be associated with, and the answers that can be given to those issues.Firstly, if you are not completing on a bought house, then try to move at the weekend. Some removals companies will work on weekends, and the traffic on these days will be a lot less busy. You will find that you can often get a fair amount done on a Saturday or Sunday, as long as you are willing to give up your weekend! Unfortunately, when completing on a purchased home, the solicitors will need to release the money into the accounts of the buyer, and this means that they will not be around on a weekend. The busiest day of the week tends to be a Friday, as people are trying to get everything done just before the weekend makes it impossible, so try to avoid moving on a Friday.You will find that when you are completing, there will be a date that is being worked towards when all of the paper work and financial planning is underway. You should attempt to make that date work for you, by suggesting a date that you would prefer. Your solicitor will be able to tell you if that is realistic or not, and you can set a date early on. This means that you can get on with finding a removals company, knowing your dates, at least in a rough sense. The dates that you give your removals company will usually be held until 7 days before your date, which means that you can relax somewhat until then. If you fear that there will be changes in the date, warn your removals company as soon as there is any evidence. Always insist with your solicitor and the other parties that you move on the date that you have booked out, as this will ensure that you are continually working towards that set deadline, rather than allowing them to move the date around at will. The actual day of the week for your removals should basically be when your favorite removals company can fit you in! As mentioned above, Fridays are not ideal, as the solicitor will have a lot on their plate, and the chain of command that runs between your money being paid and the keys being released will take longer. This is the same for the estate agent who will be delivering the keys to you. Essentially you need a day when everyone is geared towards your move, rather than being distracted by various other jobs. You should be aware that the end of the month is a similarly busy time, for the same reasons. Essentially, the best time to move house is when you are sure that you have the utmost attention of your removals company as well as those who will be in charge of your money transfer and keys being deposited with you when you arrive.