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Moving Advice


Take a look at some of the tips that we have so that your moving experience will be less of a hassle and more of a pleasurable experience:
1. It all starts with the packaging. Make sure that you have ample supply of the packing materials like boxes, tapes, wrappers and wardrobe boxes. See Packaging
2. After packing one item into a box, clearly label it and indicate which room that particular box is for.
3. Over the years, you will incur quite a lot of rubbish mixed with all of the important things that you have in your possession – separate these from the lot so that they would not be included during the move.
4. Give yourself a lot of time for the packing, several weeks prior to the move is a good time to start – and allot one room in the house as a 'packing area'.
5. Finally, make sure to cancel all your household subscriptions, deliveries and notify your office, friends and family members about your new address.
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