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relocation serviceWhether you are moving house, moving offices or you simply want to get the piano from your living room to the garage, we can help. There are not many removal companies that offer such a wide and comprehensive variety of removal services, which is why we are your one-stop shop for removals.  A great deal of removal operations are saturated with stress and anxiety, but if you hire Germany Removals all of your worries will evaporate immediately. Our services are extremely affordable which means you don’t have to worry about escalating costs. We are also extremely efficient in our work whilst remaining true to the customer friendly values that we founded ourselves on. Although the majority of our removals are within Germany, we are now offering services throughout Europe and the UK that include: packing; removal; and storage.

It is extremely beneficial for you to hire our packing services because it is commonly the most underestimated part of the removal process. If you get the packaging part wrong, then the rest of the move can frankly be a bit of a nightmare. However, by letting us help you with it, we can ensure that the rest of the move will flow smoothly and without any practical issues to slow it down. Things like labelling boxes with what is inside the box, where it needs to go at the new destination and whether it is fragile, are small things that can speed up the process immeasurably. Not only this but it can save you a small fortune on having to replace damaged items that were mishandled. Our movers are all trained to be extremely careful when handling your possessions and are experienced enough in the field of removals to know how to handle a variety of different items and accoutrements.

moving boxesAll of the individuals working for us, or working for you, are hardworking and friendly so that the experience of moving does not have to be seen as a chore. We can actually make the experience relatively pleasant compared to what it usually is without our assistance. You won’t have to lift excessively heavy items because our employees are trained for such things meaning you won’t have to worry about injuring your back or other parts of your body. The amount of movers who finish up laying on wooden floors or at chiropractors because of the incessant heavy lifting is astounding, but we make sure that this will not be the case.

If you need to store items temporarily, or for a longer period, we have secure facilities for that too. We can help you pack them up and then move them to our storage facilities all for an extremely acceptable price. Whether you just need to store some new or old furniture, or your new location is not ready to be filled with furniture yet, you can rely on the safety of our storage location no matter how long you need it for.

So if you need a removal company that can provide you with every service that you can think of when it comes to removals, packing and storage, Germany Removals is the company you are looking for. We can provide you with efficient, cost-effective assistance with friendly and hardworking staff whose main aim is to ensure your happiness. Call us on 020 8746 9614 to obtain free quotes for any of our essential services.