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Super speedy work from the man and van team at Removals Germany, they went above and beyond to make sure I was packed up and moved out of my flat by my tenancy end date, and I cannot thank them enough. Without their help I'd have been really stressed.

  • G. Andrews
  • 18Sep 2017

I have a collection of my grandmother's silverware and crystal serving ware, so I was very nervous about packing these when moving house. These are very valuable family items and I didn't want to risk breaking them. I got in touch with GermanyRemovals to get some advice on packing and handling fragile items. They provided me with the right kind of materials and instructions on how to best pack these valuable items. I was very thankful when I unpacked it all and everything was in one piece!

  • Mark B.
  • 14Jan 2015

GermanyRemovals - the best services and the best prices in town! I'm not kidding, I've never found a company that offers best of both worlds but this company certainly does, there's no lying. What I am trying to say is, if you need professional removal services, I suggest hiring this company because you are really going to struggle finding another company as good as this one. So give them a try! I recommend them and so do so many other people!

  • Paula Shore
  • 17Dec 2014

I hired GermanyRemovals to help move some of my furniture into my partners home and I'm really pleased that I chose them. I had no idea how I was going to some of the things out without dissembling them, but the removal men they sent knew exactly how to move things around and get it all sorted!

  • Cheryl J.
  • 04Nov 2014

When I needed someone to help me pack my home I chose GermanyRemovals. They're a company that a few people in my family have used, and I'd heard nothing but good things. This was the first time I'd used a packing service so I haven't got much to compare it to, but the workers did a great job and I was very impressed. Nothing went missing, nothing got broken, the price was spot-on and the packers were really friendly. I'd use this service again.

  • Liam A.
  • 22Oct 2014

I noticed and advert for a man and van and it was just what I was looking for to pick up my daughters belongings from her university that she was soon to leave. She didn't have that much to collect so a man and van service was ideal. GermanyRemovals were great. They gave me a very reasonable price and on the day the goods were collected and brought back to our house. Nothing was damaged and the driver took care of all the loading and unloading.

  • Linda J.
  • 18Sep 2014

Having moved house a few times in the past, I am pleased to have found a removals team that know how to give me what I need. They made sure that everything was catered for, from my personal concerns about the safety of our belongings, to the price. It was all very good value, and the move was done with style, which I we not expecting, given how affordable it was. This team are certainly worth looking in to if you need a decent removals company.

  • R. Jackson
  • 10Sep 2014

GermanyRemovals provided me with a thorough, dependable and professional domestic removals service that made my moving day easy and efficient. The movers were lovely people and they got straight to work, helping me to load everything from my 4 bedroom home into their vehicle. I'd have been really stuck without their help, as a back injury prevents me from lifting. There were no problems with dropping or breaking items and the drive to my new home went really quickly thanks to my chatty and friendly movers! I loved every second of this service and I can't thank my movers enough for their help!

  • Phillip Gee
  • 25Jul 2014

Have to say that I've not received such a good moving service on any of the times when I've moved in the past. The difference which GermanyRemovals were able to make mostly came down to the planning process. We had no idea what we were doing but their expertise really helped with our planning process and made sure that we had everything covered in the build up to the move. It's shocking how much of a difference a bit of planning can make but it really is different when you've had some professional help you to plan things through.

  • Ella Santos
  • 26Jun 2014

GermanyRemovals not only provided me the cheapest quote, but had the best references of any firm I contacted. They were primarily charged with moving white goods, and had the vehicles and tools to do this with aplomb! If I'd conducted the move myself with a rented van and the helping hands of friends or relatives it would've cost twice as much and been half as efficient (if not even less!). I was thrilled at the quality of this service and would urge anyone reading these words to follow my example and hire them when they're in need.

  • Thomas Wilkinson
  • 21May 2014

Me and my sister would like to say a huge thank you to all the team at GermanyRemovals. When we moved to a new flat, last week, we didn't know who to turn to for removal help. Fortunately for us, a great friend of ours recommended this company to us and we were more than over the moon with their services. The team of movers was brilliant! No delays, no extra fees...they were excellent. Unlike so many companies, this company charged one set fee and there were no hidden fees at the end of the service. Very happy!

  • Megan Dane
  • 13May 2014

If you're looking for the right help with your home move, then I have a personal endorsement which I like to throw out there. GermanyRemovals have helped me and my friends a fair few times now and each time they have excelled. They go that extra mile in order to ensure that all of the stresses and annoyances which are normally there in a house move just simply vanish. After hiring other people in the past, and now seeing their work, there's only ever one company who I would choose to hire. For me, excellent every single time.

  • Andrew
  • 29Apr 2014

Having had a few difficult experiences in the recent past, I was extremely pleased to finally have found a team who seemed capable of delivering a safe and efficient removal, whilst also being very polite and friendly. The prices that GermanyRemovals charged were very reasonable as well, considering how hard they worked, and how well it all went. There was not one item scratched, and I was very impressed with the whole process, as it was very easy from start to finish! I would highly recommend everyone to get involved with this team, as they are simply the best!

  • Warren Austin
  • 15Apr 2014

I'm very impressed with GermanyRemovals and their professional and friendly movers. I was very worried about my house move, because everything just seemed to be going wrong on the lead-up to moving day! When moving day finally arrived I thought that nothing would go right, but my man and van turned up right when expected and got to work immediately. He worked very hard to load the van up as quickly as possible but was still very careful with fragile items and boxes. Even the furniture lifting was an easy and efficient process. I got to my new house without any hassle or trouble, and I couldn't be happier with the help I received!

  • Linda J.
  • 03Apr 2014

I had used GermanyRemovals on many occasions through my company keep relocating for various reasons. But, I didn't realize what a professional company they actually were until it came to my own house move. As time was short I wanted the whole deal the packing up of my contents from my old house to the whole lot being delivered to my new place and unloading. I wasn't too bothered about the cost as I just wanted the job sorting, but I did feel it was a fair cost. All I can say is that I was impressed at the competence of the team and it all went without a glitch.

  • Ray Daniele
  • 27Mar 2014

Getting settled into the new home was the most important thing for us. We didn't have a lot to move, or anything particularly delicate, but we just wanted to ensure that it was all as easy as possible. We're often quite busy with work, so finding a solution which allowed us to get on with our day jobs was a big part of what we were looking for. With the help of the guys at GermanyRemovals, we were able to get settled into no time at all. They understood what we wanted and provided. Thanks again.

  • Wanda
  • 19Mar 2014

I was racking my brains trying to think up ways in which our moving day could have been easier before I started writing this out, and I can honestly not think of a single thing. With the help of GermanyRemovals, we were always in great hands. It really makes a difference when you hire the best professionals to help with moving home; there's just so much less stress. But I think the best thing was probably the price which, in spite of the excellent service, was far lower than anything we were quoted elsewhere. A great service at a great price. The last word of removals, as far as I'm concerned.

  • Pamela
  • 06Mar 2014

GermanyRemovals made my moving experience easy, which I guess is the highest praise I can lavish on them. I knew what I wanted; there was quite a lot to move and not much time to move it in. From the first phone call I knew I was dealing with professionals and that made a big difference to me. They really helped put my mind at rest and the service itself absolutely delivered. With that in mind, I would have no second thoughts about hiring them again or recommending them to any and all of my friends when they have to move home.

  • J. Coleman
  • 01Mar 2014

Before I spoke to GermanyRemovals, I didn't even know that many types of van existed. I just wanted a vehicle to get a few bits to the storage unit that wouldn't fit in my little car. They asked what sort of things I was moving and suggested a car-convert type van, because it was cheaper and more economical on fuel. Thanks guys! That van was just right, and was nice and easy to drive compared to a big cumbersome panel van. It was worth every penny, and actually having a company recommend a cheaper option is pretty rare, so I thought I would tell people about it!

  • Jack J.
  • 18Feb 2014

It's always tough to move, it seems, unless you hire the right team. There's something about hiring experts which makes the entire process of moving home that much simpler. As soon as I started talking to GermanyRemovals, I could tell that they really knew what they were doing. There's a nice feeling knowing that the stressful time ahead is in the hands of the professionals, and it does a lot of ease the stress of moving, which I always find is the worst thing. So, if you're looking to move easily, these are certainly the guys to call.

  • Ruby Bailey
  • 07Feb 2014

If you are looking for a mover who can give you a whole host of all-in-one removal services at very competitive prices, I would suggest you call GermanyRemovals. They were so flexible in their packages that we were able to tailor make our removal service package to suit our busy schedule and lifestyle. They were so fast in completing our move that what we thought would take an entire day turned out to be a quick 3 hour move, including travelling time. As a result my wife and I were able to enjoy a leisurely afternoon exploring the village we had moved to; what a perfect way to end an equally wonderful removals appointment.

  • Matt Kearney
  • 31Jan 2014

I wanted to hire professional staff not only to help pack up my house but to also give me advice about the right materials to use. The last time I moved house I'd just padded everything out with newspaper but I'd seen a lot of damage and even some stains left on a lot of my belongings. I called GermanyRemovals and I hired professionals to help me with my packing and I was really impressed. This is a really affordable and dependable service and the staff were very friendly and helpful as well! I can't thank this company enough for their hard work!

  • Angelina R.
  • 26Jan 2014

My son was moving out of our home and into a shared house that was quite a while away. We were planning on moving his things using my van but we realised that this was going to cost us a lot of money in petrol, as we'd need to make quite a few journeys! We hired a removal vehicle from GermanyRemovals and were more than pleased with the service. The staff listened to and assessed our needs to provide us with a great van that was just the size we'd been looking for. Very impressive and very affordable as well.

  • Robert I.
  • 21Jan 2014

I was pretty terrified by the idea of moving house, as my husband has been really busy with work as of late, and I was pretty sure that I'd not be able to do it all myself. Therefore, having GermanyRemovals around to help was a massive relief. I found them to be great to have in the house, helping with all sorts of things, and when the move came it was all sorted extremely quickly, simply because they were so well planned. I would recommend the team to anyone who is perhaps a little concerned that they may have trouble sorting things themselves.

  • Linda J.
  • 09Jan 2014

Getting all of our belongings together in to boxes and carting them off to the new home was a scary prospect for me. I work really hard, so I didn't really have time to do the packing, and I was nervous about having a stranger do it. GermanyRemovals made light work of the packing as well as the moving, and after meeting the team I was very happy to have them around. I didn't miss a day of work, and the move went without a hiccup, so I am very pleased to recommend them to everyone!

  • Helen Lee
  • 04Jan 2014

GermanyRemovals made the process of relocating my home easy and affordable. I had significant problems in selling my apartment and the last thing I needed was an incompetent removal company. But GermanyRemovals was far from that! From the moment I called them to the final unloading of my belongings, they were helpful, supportive and reliable. They worked to pack all my belongings within the scheduled time frame and they were diligent and efficient. Their prices were affordable also, so I didn't have to worry about my financial budget. I would definitely recommend them for anybody who is planning a home or apartment move, they were fantastic!

  • Richard N.
  • 23Dec 2013

Moving with GermanyRemovals was stress-free and affordable. I had many problems with selling my home, so the last thing I wanted was more problems packing and moving. GermanyRemovals provided an excellent service and ensured me that I wouldn't have to worry about anything. They took care of all aspects of the move for me so that I could make other arrangements. The staff were ready to work at the scheduled time. They were always prompt and friendly. This made the removal process easy and stress-free. I couldn't have asked for a better service, so I would surely recommend them to anybody planning a move.

  • Matthew D.
  • 18Dec 2013

Moving house is a nightmare. No one wants to have to pack everything up and move it only to unpack it again, and the process ruins what can be a pretty exciting time, because you totally forget about how nice it will be to have a new house and the like. So, why not get a company to do it all for you? GermanyRemovals supplied us with a packing service that made the workload way less for us, and the price wasn't even that steep! Having them around really allowed us to concentrate on the new place and getting it ready for our new life there, rather than taping up boxes!

  • Cristina Edwards
  • 05Dec 2013

Having moved house a couple of times before, I was ready for a real nightmare, but GermanyRemovals really did pull it out of the bag this time. Moving house takes a lot out of you, so much so that you completely forget why you decided to move in the first place! I was seriously concerned about this one because it was larger than the last couple I have been involved in, but the team made everything well easy! You've not moved until you have moved with these guys, they are seriously good at their job!

  • Anastacia Zinck
  • 30Nov 2013

When you are looking for a removals company, there is not a lot to go on with how good they are going to be for your move, as you can't really test out their services. Unless you go with a recommendation from a friend then you are taking a bit of a stab in the dark, based on price, and how they are on the phone. Luckily, GermanyRemovals gave me a great price, and were really nice on the phone, so we were seriously pleased when they turned out to be a hardworking bunch as well! A great move with a great company, highly recommended to anyone out there in need of a similar service!

  • D. Meals
  • 25Nov 2013

My recent move with GermanyRemovals was extremely good. I was not expecting them to have everything so under control and in hand, but the fact is, they were amazing! I could not have got the move done for the price I did if I had gone it alone, or tried to do it with friends, so I was really glad to spend the cash I did in the end. Their customer service was great, and I always felt like they had me in mind whilst making their plans, so that the move went by very easily and I was left with a smile on my face!

  • Elise Johns
  • 14Nov 2013

I was really pleased with the service that I got from GermanyRemovals. They made my life a lot easier around the time of the move, as I was still really busy with work and other things. Having a company who can organize everything for you, so that you are not continually stressed all the time was a real blessing, and I was very happy with the service and hard work that the team put in. Nothing was broken, and there was very little mess, so I have to say I was very impressed overall.

  • Monica Lewin
  • 09Nov 2013

I recently moved house and used GermanyRemovals. They were a great company to use, as they made sure that I was always happy with the ways in which they wanted to do things, and I was relaxed about it all because I knew what was going on at all times. All my stuff was treated well, and the move was quick and seemed easy. I didn't have to do any lifting, as they seemed to have it under control, which was great. They drank a lot of tea, ate a lot of biscuits, but made my house move extremely easy!

  • Charlie Bolween
  • 04Nov 2013

Luckily, I took the advice of a friend from down the road and used GermanyRemovals for my recent move. She had said that they were a lovely bunch who had helped out many round the area, so I was glad to have some advice on the matter. The move went well, and nothing was damaged, which was all I needed really! The price was fair and the chaps at the company were nice to me and the family, so I was happy to pay what I did. A good value service, highly recommended.

  • Joyce Gatsby
  • 30Oct 2013

Knowing that you have to move house can be pretty terrifying, and I was ready for the worst in all honesty. I've had some terrible experiences in the past, with removals companies turning up late and being rubbish and breaking stuff, so I was keen to find someone who would ensure that my stuff remained intact. GermanyRemovals seemed pretty reliable on the phone, and I was happy when it turned out that my hunch was right. They were professional and friendly throughout the move, helping with anything that I needed, even answering questions over the phone. Cheers!

  • Steve H.
  • 25Oct 2013

Safe to say, GermanyRemovals are the best that i have dealt with. In my time I have moved a few times, and I am happy that I used these guys, as they were much better than anyone i have used before. There was little that could have been done better, in all honesty. The price was good for a start, and I knew that I may have to deal with a little bit of a slack performance from them for it. They were pretty great however, and nothing went wrong, so what more could you ask for?

  • Dave P.
  • 19Oct 2013

Moving house has always been a terrifying ordeal for me. Most people say it's never as bad as you think it is going to be, but for me it usually is! GermanyRemovals completely changed that however, as they put my mind at perfect ease by giving me all of the information as to how things would proceed ahead of the move, which was a wonderful relief. I could not speak more highly of the staff as well, they were friendly to the end, thank you for making it so easy for me!

  • Lydia McLewis
  • 14Oct 2013

I moved out of home recently and because I was buying some furniture for my new flat, I wanted a removal company to help me as my parents weren't able to. GermanyRemovals were very cheap and really good. The service I received was excellent and everything was well organised and delivered without any major stress. All the heavy lifting was done quickly and my new furniture was put in the exact place I wanted it. I was able to settle into my new home very quickly thanks to the organisation of this moving company and I would definitely recommend them.

  • Tina B.
  • 09Oct 2013

I was very pleased with the results from hiring GermanyRemovals to carry out my flat move. I didn't have many belongings which needed to be shifted, but it involved carrying possessions up and down long corridors in both buildings. In spite of this long and arduous task, the staff remained cheerful throughout the day and performed outstanding work. The move was completed in excellent time and for a very reasonable price which was comfortably within my low budget. I would definitely recommend this company and their outstanding movers!

  • Sam R.
  • 04Oct 2013

GermanyRemovals carried out my office move without a hitch. I had many valuable workplace items that needed to be packed and moved and they were handled responsibly and with care throughout the process. It became very clear early on in the removal that I would not have to worry about any missing items or damages. The team were friendly and seemed very happy to work in the evening so that I would not be disrupted during working hours. I would definitely use this firm if I need to move office again and would highly recommend their services.

  • F. Johnson
  • 29Sep 2013

Thank you Moving Germany for a move that was every bit as easy as it was promised to me! I discovered the company online and saw all the positive reviews. I gave them a go and wasn't disappointed. I obviously took the day off work so I could be around to orchestrate the big move but I was worried I'd have to take another one off if everything took a long time. Thanks to the movers this wasn't even close to being the case - the whole move was done quickly and efficiently and, might I add, very professionally indeed.

  • Oliver Page
  • 23Sep 2013

I called Germany Movers to execute my business removal after hearing good reviews from a friend. It was a long-distance removal and I needed a professional and experienced company for the job. The team at Germany Movers were the perfect match for the job. We made preparations for the move together, ensuring that every aspect of the move was accounted for. They gave me invaluable information about the moving process and travel arrangements. I had the best moving experience and I recommend them to anybody who is planning move.

  • Brittney
  • 18Sep 2013

I moved with Removals Germany for my recent office move. They provided such a great value for the high quality service they offered. All the staff members were professional and friendly and they knew just how to wrap and pack my valuable objects and fragile kitchenware. I couldn't believe the speed and efficiency with which they accomplished the task. I couldn't have asked for a more accommodating or affordable service. They're a great team and I will surely hire them in the future.

  • Daniel B.
  • 13Sep 2013

You always take a risk when you chose an unfamiliar moving company. I heard of Removals Germany from a co-worker who had used them recently for her home move. I decided to give them a call and was immediately impressed by their professionalism over the phone. They planned out my home move almost immediately and boxes were being packed in no time. I couldn't have asked for a better company to execute my home move. They were accommodating and friendly throughout the process. What a great service.

  • Nick H.
  • 08Sep 2013

I hired Movers Germany for my business move. The task was big but I had heard great reviews about this removal company so I decided to give them a call. I was immediately impressed with their service. I needed many objects to be specialty wrapped and I was transporting lots of important documents which couldn't be misplaced. They handled each task with expertise and precision. They were definitely the best company for the job. They were professional, reliable and affordable and I would recommend them for any move! Well done!

  • Miranda B
  • 03Sep 2013

I always thought moving overseas would be too much for me to handle and so I never took a chance. I heard about Germany Movers so I thought I would give them a call to learn more about overseas. I want to take this opportunity to thank them because that one call showed me how simple an international move could be because they did everything necessary so I could start a new life abroad. I left my old country for a new one, thanks to their hard work and knowledge. If you are considering a foreign relocation, don't hesitate to give them a call.

  • Jason Remington
  • 23Aug 2013

As it came up to my retirement, I wanted somewhere I could live peacefully. My wife and I had looked at many places and settled on a nice home in the countryside. We were eager to start the process but the hard work wasn't going to be completed easily. Packing is time consuming and shifting furniture is tough and potentially dangerous. Wanting to avoid any problems, we called Removals Germany and they took care of everything. With their help, everything was simple and we could enjoy our move in peace.

  • Harold Paddock
  • 18Aug 2013

Getting a good deal on my move was a property, though I was worried doing so may lead me to hiring a firm that would do the best job. Fortunately, I came across Germany Movers and they gave me everything I desired. They took care of every aspect of my move, so that nothing was forgotten or ignored, ensuring that my goods were safe and transported to where they were needed. They also gave me a great price, but giving me a free quote that only reflected what I demanded. This meant I got the service I wanted at a price right for me.

  • Harold Thompson
  • 13Aug 2013

Moving home was something I had started to fear. I had begun to worry about losing my belongings or them being broken or left behind. I dreaded carrying boxes and furniture in case I dropped them and injured myself. A friend recommended that I call Movers Germany for help and I'm glad I did. They banished all my doubts by providing new excellent service. They made me realise how simple the process is and by sending team of trained professionals to do everything, there was no doubt that anything would go wrong. I actually enjoyed my move and it was all thanks to them.

  • F. Hardy
  • 08Aug 2013

I want to thank Movers Germany for all the hard work they put in so that my move would be a success. They worked tirelessly so that all my things were packed properly and they exerted themselves a great deal to carry all my furniture their call staff were friendly and helpful, so I always knew what to do and what I needed. They went the extra mile so that no aspect was overlooked and I had a successful move. They really came through for me and so they have my appreciation. If you need help with your move then you can't go wrong with them.

  • Kate
  • 11Jul 2013

I'm not one to go out of my ways to thank people but I feel I must because of the great service Moving Germany provided for me. They showed me how easy and quick a move could be, as they handled every chore and task expertly. Their staff was friendly and smart, carrying out every process properly and with care. They were through and left nothing to chance ensuring I got the best removal. If I move again I won't hesitate to call them for assistance because I know I will get a superior home removal.

  • Jack D
  • 06Jul 2013

I had become quite stressed overtime when I was planning my move. At first, I thought it would be simple process of packing a few boxes and driving them to my new address but all the problems and chores soon escalated and I was overwhelmed. I knew I wouldn't be able to do everything myself so I called Movers Germany. They took care of every aspect and before I knew it, I was starting a carefree life in my new home.

  • Eric
  • 01Jul 2013

I have moved home several times in my life, and each time I had difficulty doing so. I had always done things myself. It was stressful but I knew it would save me money. This time, though, I decided to look into removal firms. I expected to pay a lot of money for something I could have done myself but Movers Germany convinced me otherwise. They were friendly and very helpful, and they handled every part of move, meaning I didn't have to do a thing. The best part was that it was a bargain price and if I ever move again, I'll call them right away.

  • Barry
  • 26Jun 2013

I could spend hours and hours talking about all the great qualities that Germany Movers has, but I would much rather prefer that you see for yourself, as I did a few weeks ago when they came to remove my office. They truly were fantastic and worked very fast. In fact, in a matter of days, my office was packed and ready to be removed. I remember looking around and thinking ‘woah!' If you don't believe me, try them out yourself and experience the amazement yourself.

  • Dakota A.
  • 09Jun 2013

Read all about it! The best removal company has been discovered. It all happened when a friend of mine mentioned that someone she knew had hired Moving Germany to handle their removal. I took a risk and hired them and was more than pleased. Hand on heart, I cannot think of a single fault that I could complain about. Both I and my belongings were treated with a lot of respect and all of the deadlines were met. If at any point I was hesitating or worrying about anything, I was reassured which made me feel secure.

  • Betsy V.
  • 03Jun 2013

Words cannot describe how happy I am about having Germany Movers deal with my removal needs. I had no idea where to start and where to end, so decided to opt for the full removal package. Workers came in on a daily basis, never a minute late, with smiles on their faces and positive attitudes all around. Before I knew it, all my boxes were packed and it was time for me to move. I seriously could not believe how professional the staff was, and am very grateful for all that they have done.

  • Kimberly
  • 28May 2013

Movers Germany are a fantastic, well established company that offers the most diverse, varied services that I have ever seen a removal company offer. I was able to mix and match the services that they offered meaning that I could get all the services that I required. There were no hidden charges so I had no issues in that department either. All of the staff was also very friendly and professional. They were on time and just got on with their work without any fuss. What more could I ask for?

  • Jessie
  • 23May 2013

My house sold fast and I had to move in rented. I needed a removals company that could do the job quickly. My boss suggested Moving Germany so I got in touch and at first was concerned with the short notice, but I had no worries they were able to meet with my deadline date so I was thrilled! Moving Germany provided an expert job from the start to the end, and was just simply great! I really could not have asked for a better service in terms of professionalism and affordability. I can't recommend them enough.

  • Gerry
  • 18May 2013

I can't thank GermanyRemovals enough for making my move easy and smooth. I really don't like moving house because there's always so much to do and think about. It's never easy, as most of you probably know. However, at GermanyRemovals they provide you with a moving checklist so that I knew what to do before moving. What I admire about this company is their organisation skills. I think that is why they make moving smooth - because they are so well organised. Anyway, I was just so impressed with their service and would definitely, without a doubt, hire them again if I need them. Thanks!

  • Lorna Fuller
  • 13May 2013

For a down-to-earth, affordable move, use the man and van service of Moving Germany. This is the ideal removal service for those who are on a tight budget and can't afford to spend out on expensive home removal services. I found the movers a pleasure to work with and they were extremely diligent and efficient. So, in other words, you don't have to compensate on the service because of its affordability. I'm so chuffed to have found a company like Moving Germany. They are professional, reliable, and affordable - my kind of removal company.

  • Adam Peters
  • 08May 2013

Movers Germany can take care of your move from start to end. I used their packaging and transportation services and I have to tell you, they were excellent. No problems whatsoever. The way in which the packers package items is quite astounding to be honest. They were true professionals and they made such a great job of the packing - it was well worth every penny. I can't say I've ever hired a packing service before but it's amazing how convenient it is. And it's quite cost effective too because you can reuse the boxes and other materials they use for the next time you move. Very happy with the service!

  • Graham Ross
  • 20Apr 2013

I had a skiing accident a while back and now I'm unable to do simple things like lifting and so on. It meant that when I moved to a new flat about a month ago, I'd need a lot of help with lifting and carrying. I didn't really think I'd find a company that would do all that until I called up Moving Germany, a removals company I found on the web. The woman I spoke to was very helpful and considerate. She told me the removal team would do all the lifting and help me in any way they could. Well, they did just that. I didn't have to do a thing. They are an amazing company!

  • Ellen Brown
  • 15Apr 2013

Last year I went travelling for twelve months and I used the storage service of GermanyRemovals to store my valuable items whilst I was away. I have to say, I wasn't expecting my items to remain in the same condition when I returned to them but thankfully, everything was just as I'd left it those 12 months ago. The storage units are dry, secure and very clean. The good thing is there is no minimum time limit to use them so if you just want storage for a day, they can actually do that for you with no extra charges. Well recommended!

  • Kyle Van
  • 10Apr 2013

I'm an artist and in my home I have many paintings. When I moved to a new apartment, I hired GermanyRemovals to do all the packing and to move my things. They used only the best materials on my paintings to prevent the risk of them getting damaged during the transit. I actually enjoyed watching them wrap and package. It was interesting to see. I could never have done this all on my own and I have little knowledge on how to properly package paintings. Fortunately, everything arrived at my new apartment in great condition. I was over the moon!

  • Isabel J.
  • 25Mar 2013

I travel a lot which means I am always on the lookout for a decent removals company offering storage. A colleague told me about Movers Germany. I was apprehensive at first as I usually don't take the advice of others, but I decided to call their office. I was instantly impressed by customer service. They were helpful and answered all my questions, without hesitation. I appreciated their help and honesty. They discussed all my available options and I decided to book. Before moving my things into storage, I even was allowed to have a look at the storage unit to make sure it was suitable for me.

  • Tom Goldberg
  • 20Mar 2013

A while ago I needed help, moving my office equipment to another office across town. The team of movers from Removals Germany arrived early on the day of the move, and instantly got to work. Every member of the team worked hard and efficiently, as well as carefully to ensure that all my equipment was safely handled to prevent breakage. I was thrilled with the service they provided. Not only did they work hard, they were careful and treated my stuff as if it were their own. Also I was pleased with the price they charged. It was within my budget and good value for money. Highly recommended.

  • Garry
  • 15Mar 2013

Nobody likes moving house - I certainly don't. But what I hate even more than that is having to trust strangers with your valuable items. But it has to be done. Thanks to a friend, I was made aware of a company called Moving Germany and they were really helpful. From the very beginning, when I called them up, the customer service was polite and helpful. The woman I spoke to answered all my questions and even gave me packing advice. The service was amazing. I have no complaints at all. They make moving easy and smooth. Well recommended.

  • Nathan I.
  • 10Mar 2013

GermanyRemovals is a fantastic removals company that you must hire! From start to finish, they have been just brilliant. Their professionalism astounds me. For a service like this, I expected to pay a fortune, but to my surprise, their prices were really fair and totally within my budget. I want to thank the whole team at GermanyRemovals for your endless support and guidance. My move has been easy and stress-free and that is down to you. Once again, thank you so much for everything. I recommend this company highly!

  • Daniel Harris
  • 05Mar 2013

This company is the one to choose if you are thinking about relocating your items and personal belongings and need a company that you can trust. I felt that Moving Germany were a company that you could rely on and trust. They were trustworthy, responsible and hard working. Their team of staff is honest and loyal and very reliable. This move didn't cost me in stress or money! Fantastic team and company!

  • Simon Bradley
  • 28Feb 2013

The team at Moving Germany worked really hard and worked well together, which really showed in their attitude towards their work and also in the way in which they completed their moves. Everybody within the company knew where they were supposed to be and when and in addition, they also knew what their colleagues were doing as well. This shows that there is good communication links within the company and that they work like a team. I am more than happy with how my move went and could not thank Moving Germany more!

  • Maria Jackson
  • 23Feb 2013

Up until my relocation with Movers Germany I didn't know that relocation businesses offered more than one relocation package. I just thought that these companies offered one standard service however, this is not always so. When I got in touch with Movers Germany I was asked a few questions about my situation and about the amount of belongings that I wished to have relocated with them. They informed me that the price of the move would depend on the amount of items in which I wanted them to move and they could provide me with different sized vehicles so as to sufficiently accommodate the number of belongings that I needed to have relocated. My small move didn't cost me much and I felt that I was treated fairly. Thanks for all your help Movers Germany.

  • Becky Chaplen
  • 18Feb 2013

Thanks to all the staff at GermanyRemovals, I am now living happily in my new home and had a great relocation experience with the team. The staff at this firm was great with me and it is thoroughly appreciated! I would happily go back and do it all again if it meant that I would have the same high quality relocation package and positive experience that I got from GermanyRemovals.

  • Mary Seamore
  • 13Feb 2013

I have already passed on the contact details of GermanyRemovals to many people I know, as so many of my family members, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances were astonished at how simple and organised my recent move was. It was not of course down to me, but actually was the result of choosing an excellent removals company that knew what they were doing and could provide me with the best services and assistance possible!

  • Don
  • 08Feb 2013

The removals company, GermanyRemovals is without a doubt one of the best removal companies I have hired. I often forgot they were an actual company because the staff was very friendly and treated you as a friend, not as a customer. They treated you respectfully. I know how hard it is to find a good removals company that you can rely on 100%. But honestly, you can rely on GermanyRemovals. They are the best around and worth hiring if you need a good removals service. Well recommended - a thought from a very satisfied customer.

  • Wendy
  • 03Feb 2013

Moving can be really stressful so it makes it much better when you can find a removals company that are reliable, flexible and enjoyable to work with. I moved with GermanyRemovals just over a month ago. They were an excellent company and I'm so glad I found them. From now on, they'll be the ones I call when I move. Thanks to all you guys at GermanyRemovals for providing me with a good service and a helping hand. I am really grateful to you for making my move a lot less stressful that it could have been.

  • Luke T
  • 29Jan 2013

This company were just fantastic. I was in the middle of moving with another company when everything went wrong and I desperately needed to get help from elsewhere. I sacked my other removals team and instead found out about Removals Germany. I had read about how many of their clients were happy with their services and so I contacted them straight away. They were helpful and understanding. They didn and rsquo;t waste any time and before I knew it I was able to move house again, this time with a professional and much better company who were also really punctual and reliable too. The benefits of choosing this team outweigh any doubts that you may have so I would choose this company people because they were great with me and I am sure they will be with you too!

  • Tracey Shaw
  • 24Jan 2013

I am a really satisfied customer. and nbsp;GermanyRemovals are just great and I do not have a bad word to say about them.

  • Callum
  • 19Jan 2013

Brilliant removals company. They are very efficient, always on time, work fast and do all of their work themselves. Thank you!

  • Lee Cheung
  • 14Jan 2013

I have only ever moved a few times in my whole life but all of the removal companies that I have employed to take charge of my previous relocations are either too expensive or too care free. I have never had a move in which I can say that the company I hired were any good and every time I was just glad that the ordeal was over. Most companies charge ridiculous prices to deal with duties that they just end up passing on to the client. I was sick of doing this so I hired and nbsp; Germany Movers on a friends recommendation. They were the best team I have ever worked with and they didn and rsquo;t mess around either. Professional, organized and straight to the point! Well done guys on the brilliant job!

  • Glynn S.
  • 09Jan 2013

I highly recommend Removals Germany because they are fast, courteous and hard-working. They were also very careful with all of my possessions and even managed to fix my old wardrobe. I have already recommended them to a colleague of mine and she was also satisfied with their team.

  • M. Rickets
  • 02Jan 2013

Removals Germany are a very easy to use company and offer one of the best and most reliable moving crews anywhere in London. I've had many bad experiences with moving companies in the past and I finally found one that me and my family trust - Removals Germany. Thank you for everything!

  • J. Pruitt
  • 28Dec 2012

We had our condo renovated and we needed to use professional storage services for a whole month. A friend of mine recommended GermanyRemovals. I called their office and I was impressed by how nice their representative was, he explained the whole process to me and the most important thing, for me at least, was that there were no hidden charges at the end. Great company!

  • C. Campsell
  • 23Dec 2012

Fantastic moving company! Thank you very much for helping me with my move last week. Your team of movers were just perfect, they moved everything with care and in a very neat manner. I would gladly recommend Moving Germany to all of my friends and family.

  • V. Summer
  • 17Dec 2012

Germany Movers provided me with an excellent service. I used them for the second time and I will use their team again in the future, because they proved I can rely on them, and the moving team was honest and efficient! Thank you!

  • B. Santonelli
  • 12Dec 2012

On the recommendation of a friend of mine I hired GermanyRemovals for my office relocation. They arrived on time and were very careful with my heavy and valuable antique furniture. If I had to move again I would definitely contact GermanyRemovals!

  • F. Gramm
  • 07Dec 2012

I really hate moving, but sometimes you don't have a choice. Due to unexpected reasons we had to move and my husband decided to hire Moving Germany. On the day of our move they came a bit earlier than we expected. They had new and clean truck which kind of impressed me. They completed the move quite fast and delivered everything in perfect shape. Strongly recommended!

  • D. Meeri
  • 01Dec 2012

I used Removals Germany three months ago and they were the most professional and well-organised company I have ever worked with. The price was reasonable and the movers were honest and efficient. I wish their great team the best of luck!

  • Y. Garret
  • 26Nov 2012

I have moved many times before, but this is the first time I used a removal company. I have to say that I would highly recommend them to everyone, because they took very good care of my items and everything seemed so easy this time. I would never try to move by myself again and I know which company to call for my next removal. Thank you very much!

  • L. Trewent
  • 21Nov 2012

We moved from Cardiff to Paris, France and since it was such a long distance move we decided to hire professionals. My husband contacted Germany Movers and they were very kind in explaining the whole procedure to us. On the day of our removal the team of movers were on time and got the job done in no time. They delivered everything in perfect shape.

  • G. Nerayan
  • 16Nov 2012

At first I was a bit nervous, because I didn't think that the two men that I hired would be able to help me with my house removal. Now I can honestly express my satisfaction with the team of GermanyRemovals. These guys were just perfect, they got the job done in no time and finished even earlier than the estimated schedule.

  • P. Mohan
  • 11Nov 2012

I hired GermanyRemovals to help me move a very old and valuable piano. Two men showed up right at the estimated time. They seemed very knowledgeable and organised. In no time my piano was with me in my new house. I want to send my thanks once again to the great team of GermanyRemovals and wish them the best of luck!

  • K. Andrews
  • 06Nov 2012

Removals Germany are the best. They arrived on time, introduced themselves and started to work almost immediately. They were organised throughout the whole process and followed all of my instructions. Thank you very much for the help!

  • B. Miah
  • 01Nov 2012

I was told about Removals Germany by one of our employees. I called their office and Alan, the customer representative, was very kind and helpful. On the day of our move I had to work so I left my wife to do it. She was satisfied with the team of hard-working movers Removals Germany sent. My wife and I are very grateful for the help. Next time we will definitely call this company again.

  • F. Saffin
  • 27Oct 2012

Moving Germany did a great job for me. They started working on time and finished even earlier than the estimate time. The men were also polite and strong. I recommend Moving Germany to all of you who are ready for a stress-free move.

  • D. Alegrio
  • 22Oct 2012

For my last move I use Moving Germany as well. They really are a fantastic team of professionals. I hired them to pack and unpack. They had my furniture for over a month and were available any time by phone or e-mail. I will not use anyone else now. Thank you very much!

  • S. Oldfield
  • 17Oct 2012

I had to move from a small flat in South London to a new 2-bedroom house in Central London. It was my first time moving so I wanted everything to be perfect. A friend of mine recommended the moving services of Removals Germany. It was a great first experience for me. All of my belongings are at my new house now and nothing is missing. Thank you very much Removals Germany.

  • S. Holman
  • 12Oct 2012

I had to move my house furniture from London to Holland and I contacted Removals Germany based on a friend's recommendation. They booked me for the next available day and did an excellent job for me. All of my furniture arrived in great shape without any scratches. Great value for the money!

  • C. Hullin
  • 07Oct 2012

Thank you very much Germany Movers. I had booked a moving with another company, but they rang me a week before my moving date to tell me they wouldn't be able to do the job. I was very worried, but now I am glad they were not able to help me, as I then found and booked my removal with Germany Movers. The moving crew were polite and careful, and they followed all of my instructions. Their rep from the office even called me to ask if I was happy with their services. I am more than happy and very grateful to this amazing company. I would definitely recommend your services to all of my friends.

  • R. Goenka
  • 02Oct 2012

I had a very good experience with Removals Germany. Their team was extremely courteous and honest. They also took great care of my belongings. Definitely recommended!

  • D. Sadik
  • 27Sep 2012

I used the services of Movers Germany for a local move and they did an outstanding job for me. They answered all of my questions and helped so much by wrapping some of the items I didn't have time to get done. The moving men worked very fast and were courteous to me and my family. I highly recommend their company to anyone who needs a removal services.

  • R. Mesa
  • 22Sep 2012

I had to move my old house belongings to my new 3-bedroom house just across the street and I hired the team from Removals Germany. It was such a great experience. I actually watched how these men carried everything with their hands and put it wherever I wanted it. I have no complaints.

  • S. Kawamura
  • 17Sep 2012

The movers from Removals Germany gave us the best prices on the market and provided us with a trustworthy moving service. I would highly recommend them to all of my friends and family.

  • N. Darby
  • 12Sep 2012

We had to move from two different places into one. A friend of mine recommended Moving Germany so we decided to go with them. Their estimate and the actual price at the end were the same, no extra charges. They worked quickly and asked me questions to make sure everything was the way I wanted it. I am sure I will use their services again.

  • I. Allhallows
  • 07Sep 2012

I wanted to post this review to share my experience with Moving Germany, because one of the reasons I decided to use them was because of the good reviews I found online. They provided me with the best services. The moving men were polite and respectful. There were no additional costs either. Thank you!

  • M. Katsaros
  • 02Sep 2012

I moved from UK to France and took a risk by using Removals Germany based only on their positive reviews online, but now I am glad I did it. It was an excellent choice. Their price was very reasonable as well. Their moving men were hard workers and very friendly. I will use them again if needed.

  • N. Garwood
  • 28Aug 2012

The GermanyRemovals crew were skilled and good mannered. They took excellent care of all of my belongings and loaded them without a scratch. To be completely honest this was the best moving company I have ever dealt with. Thank you.

  • K. Sass
  • 23Aug 2012

I had the best moving experience. A colleague from work recommended Movers Germany and I called their office. They fitted me in for next possible timetable. The two men they sent me were really hardworking and took very good care of all my belongings. I would strongly recommend them as well to all of my family and colleagues.

  • G. Haber
  • 17Aug 2012

I had a wonderful experience with Moving Germany as well. I had a last minute change in the schedule and they were able to accommodate that change without any hassle. The moving crew was very fast and treated my possessions with respect. I am highly recommending this moving company to all of my friends.

  • C. Maes
  • 12Aug 2012

I can highly recommend Germany Movers, which I found reading all the good reviews of them online. I decided to take the risk and it was a great pleasure to work with them. They wrapped my mattress in plastic, protected the TV and double wrapped the items which were valuable for me. Thumbs up for Germany Movers. Cheers!

  • C. Andrews
  • 07Aug 2012

I used the services of Movers Germany to relocate a very expensive table and I am extremely happy with their customer service and personal work. The team they sent me were very careful and respectful of my belongings. The most important is that everything arrived in perfect condition and nothing was even scratched. Thank you!

  • Amir Ahmadi
  • 02Aug 2012

I would like to extend my thanks to all of the employees from GermanyRemovals. Thank you for being always on time, professional and courteous.

  • D. Cuthill
  • 28Jul 2012

Basically everything with my move went very well. I moved from a 2 bedroom flat to a small 3 bedroom house. I had everything packed and labeled. The moving team of Moving Germany came on time and picked up all of my stuff. The whole move finished really quick, because of their fast crew. Thank you very much.

  • P. Alcock
  • 23Jul 2012

I am not actually a fan of hiring moving companies, because I had a really bad experience in the past. This time I did not have a choice, because it was a long distance move and I really needed a professional company to do it for me. A colleague of mine recommended Movers Germany. And I have to say this company is unlike any of the others I have used before. From the first time I called their office till the end of the actual moving day everything went perfect without any complications. They kept in touch with me the whole time. The manager of the company even called me the day after the move to ask me if there was anything broken or damaged. And this was the most important for me as well, because there was nothing broken or lost. This is the first professional company I have used and if needed I am going to use them again. Thank you very much. Best regards!

  • D. Junker
  • 16Jul 2012

My wife and I had to move from our old studio in Tooting Bec to a new flat in West Kensington. We used GermanyRemovals based on a friend's recommendation. Unfortunately I had to work the same day, so my wife had to meet the movers. She said they were amazing, very respectful and hard working. They finished extremely fast. I am glad I can recommend this company to anyone who needs such services. Best regards.

  • Jan Krause
  • 11Jul 2012

I was looking for a good moving company. My father-in-law went online and chose Removals Germany for my move. They did a really nice job. I will tell anyone moving to try them.

  • T. Leal
  • 06Jul 2012

I was recommended by a friend to Removals Germany and I myself am now recommending them to my friends, because they were just so good and great to work with. Many thanks!

  • T. Everson
  • 01Jul 2012

I cannot believe I am going to say a good word about a moving company, but I am thankful to everyone at Germany Movers. They did a fantastic job moving my family and me into our new home. Everything was done professionally without any problems. The movers were extremely fast, they packed all of our things, they were friendly and also my representative over the phone was easy to talk to. Thank you very much and keep doing your great job!

  • Tiffany and Daniel Scott
  • 26Jun 2012

I just used the services of GermanyRemovals for the third time. I have never had problems with them. Every time they come on time, are kind and very efficient on a local move. I have recommended them to all of my friends.

  • S. Hill
  • 20Jun 2012

Moving from house to house due to my work is so frustrating. I am so glad we were able to have Moving Germany helping with our move. They were amazing, and Wendy and the team were incredibly professional. I am so impressed and so pleased. I will always recommend them and I will surely use them again if I move in the future. Best wishes!

  • S. Rondel
  • 15Jun 2012

Germany Movers is truly unique in that it provides you the best of removals services so you don't have to hire a separate company for packing and one for transporting. If you need advice regarding the service you can contact their customer service and they will gladly assist you. I want to thank them for their devotion to the work while moving my stuff.

  • P. Brack
  • 07Jun 2012

I was surprised by the professional performance of Moving Germany. I had a bad experience previously with another removals company, and I was skeptical about this kind of service. But I changed my mind when I saw the movers in action. They did a wonderful job.

  • K. Ward
  • 02Jun 2012

I want to thank Germany Movers as well for the fast services they provided. Three movers and one big truck showed up for my storage removal and they moved everything in about an hour. Thank you guys.

  • R. Dogmersfield
  • 28May 2012

There is nothing worse than moving to a new flat. All the stress and pressure about packing your possessions are extremely unpleasant. But when I contacted Germany Movers, and specifically Claudia, I realized that I could leave this part to a professional company. Now I know that a house removal can even be an enjoyable experience.

  • O. Burton
  • 23May 2012

Organizing your home removal can cost you a lot of time and effort, so I decided to trust Movers Germany. And I definitely don't regret my decision. They did an excellent job by packing and transporting all my possessions. They literally saved me.

  • F. Marshall
  • 18May 2012

Let me share my experience with all the people who will need help like me. As my job requires me to periodically move around Europe, I have a belongings that need to be moved by a professional company. When I was looking to hire a reliable and affordable moving company my friend Daniel told me about Removals Germany. He is a regular customer of theirs and he spoke very highly about them. As a result, I used them and now I can say that I made the right choice. It was a stress free, smooth and quick move. Many thanks to the great team.

  • S. Alfredo
  • 13May 2012

These guys are the best you can get at these prices. They have helped us for a really small removal and I watched them doing their best during the whole process, which surprised me because I had asked some other companies for the same small removal and they were not interested. Thank you guys from Movers Germany, I really appreciate your help.

  • W. Derington
  • 08May 2012